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Spring Beginnings: Sömn Home Releases Tabletop Collection and new Beige-Stripe Bedding

From the bedroom to the kitchen, spring is bringing new growth to our line-up of sustainable luxury linens 

Last month, we launched our new Gastown showroom. Now, you can finally meet Sömn in person. As part of our grand opening, we released a new pattern in our bedding line-up and debuted the stunning Upcycled Tabletop Collection. That’s right. Our sustainable luxury linens have officially transitioned from the bedroom to the kitchen, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Since launching in 2017, sustainability has been our business at Sömn. From bedding and towels to cloth napkins, we’ve made it our mission to help eco-friendly consumers become a regenerative force in a way that feels more natural and organic. Buying planet-friendly products shouldn’t feel like a chore. That is why we invested the time, effort, and research to create a luxury brand of wellness-obsessed home textiles that minimize impact and can be purchased online, quick as a click. 

Every piece in our sustainable home collection is designed to enhance the mood, health, and overall well-being of our discerning consumers. For inspiration, we draw on many sources. From mimicking the harmony of nature to the wabi-sabi practice of embracing imperfections, Sömn is for people ready to embrace their unique aesthetics and values.

Brand New Pattern

In 2022, we saw a subtle shift in trends. While candy colours and individualism remain prominent themes in home design, there is growing focus on bringing a sense of emotional ease to spaces. The result is a softer, earthier palette—think terracottas and soft browns. To match this relaxing vibe, we came up with a brand new pattern, a stunning Double Faced Beige Stripe. Available as a duvet cover and pillowcase, the design and colour are subtle in their sophistication, effortlessly pairing with our solids for innovative looks in the bedroom.

Awe-Sömn Table Linens

Our Upcycled Tabletop Collection also expands on this feel-good trend. Pleasant and purposeful, these made-for-living textiles are soft to the touch and long-lasting. Additionally, each one comes from our linen off-cuts. That means they not only come in a fantastic range of colours—these textiles actually cut down on waste and resource requirements.

There were many reasons the kitchen felt like the next natural step for our sustainable home textiles. Although we were already recycling offcuts into napkins, we saw an opportunity to beautify kitchen and dining spaces while significantly reducing the harm caused by disposable napkins and less desirable textiles made from petroleum-derived fibres like polyester, nylon, acrylic, and spandex.

Our 100% flax linen is a material of the earth. Just like Sömn bedding, the porous, imperfect nature of our stonewashed organic linen adds depth and visual intrigue with just a touch of bohemian whimsy. It’s a fabric that captures our devotion and determination to craft well-balanced textiles infused with nature and a sense of wellness. From the dual-purpose placemat napkins to timeless pastel coasters, the Upcycled Tabletop Collection invigorates kitchen and dining spaces. 

From the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen, we invite you to experience our stylish take on sustainability. All our linen comes from pure flax, grown without pesticides or herbicides and irrigated using only rainwater. As a biodegradable, earth-friendly resource, linen remains our number one material of choice. We hope you find these new products as delightful as we do and that they inspire you to continue making your home as earth-friendly as possible.

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