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luxury bed linens from Sömn Home online bedding store in Vancouver, Canada

An Online Bedding Store in Vancouver

Sömn advocates mindful living through the use of natural materials for everyday living. Our mission is to make wellness-obsessed home textiles widely available for the discerning clientele without compromising the environment, comfort, and ethics.

Using Only Sustainable Materials

Our sustainable linen bedding is gentle on the planet, practical in design, effortless to dress, and just plain good-looking.

Our eco towels are made from non-GMO organic cotton and bamboo fibers from regenerative farms.

We are proud to say that our designs are developed in-house in the Pacific Northwest and produced by our carefully chosen partner manufacturers in Europe and Japan.

Based in Vancouver, Canada

Sömn’s first bedding collection launched in Vancouver, Summer of 2017 and was so well received that a season’s worth of goods sold out in a few weeks.

We believe, sleep is the new luxury.

Orling & Wu retail store in Vancouver, Sömn Home online bedding store

Our History

An inception from Örling & Wu, a lifestyle retailer founded in 2009 by founders Fredrik Örling and Julie Wu.

The founders recognized that natural fiber goods, specifically made from flax, were not readily available in Vancouver and their linen offerings were one of the many reasons why customers kept coming back. From there they expanded their linen bedding collection.

Eight years on, in 2017, Sömn Home was born.

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