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Sömn advocates mindful living through the use of natural materials for everyday living. Our mission is to make wellness obsessed home textiles widely available for the engaged discerning clientele without the compromise of comfort, price and ethics.

Our sustainble beddings are generous in the fabric, practical on the design, effortless to dress, and just plain good-looking. It is important to us that we bring you the best in the market.

We are proud to say that all designs are developed in-house in the pacific northwest and produced by our carefully chosen partner manufacturers around the globe.

Sömn’s first bedding collection launched in Vancouver in Summer of 2017 and was so well received that a season’s worth of goods sold out in a few weeks and back ordered.

We pride ourselves as the “pro-sleepers”, just as we favour the benefits of a good night's sleep and are the specialists in helping others realizing the ultimate luxury lifestyle at a fair price value.

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Our History

An inception from a small brick and mortar lifestyle store founded in 2009 by two co-founders, Fredrik Örling and Julie Wu, who moved from England to Canada seeking to build a better life. A week from landing they incorporated Örling & Wu and spotted the perfect location for their business idea.

The founders worked hard at learning the Canadian way of life and doing local business. They dedicated themselves in getting to know their customers day in and out, which later led them to recognize that natural fiber goods specifically made from “flax” was not readily available in town and was one of the many reasons why customers kept coming back. From there they expanded their linen product offerings.

Eight years on, Sömn was born.

Ö&W Forget-Me-Not

From nourishing botanicals formulated skin care to woven rugs from Swedish craftsmanship, these honest, everyday objects were icons of Örling & Wu.