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Sleep soundly with Sömn-quality linens

You deserve complete comfort without cost to the environment. And when you shop with Sömn, it’s easy to relax. Every linen in our line puts both you and the planet first with our ethically-sourced, small-batch production, carefully selected partner manufacturers, and in-house design that prioritizes the details.

Textiles you can trust

Choose Sömn, choose once.

With care for what we put on our bodies and bring into our homes, we can support planet-friendly practices and collectively work to create a dreamier, more sustainable future. 

At Sömn Home, we aim to make being eco-friendly a more effortless – and enjoyable! – process. From how our materials are harvested and produced to how our products are designed and shipped, Sömn strives to minimize our impact at every stage while delivering you the very best textiles for your home.

As a company, we aim to become a regenerative force for the planet. We believe that every decision can have significant impacts, so we take the time to make the right ones.

Here’s how we create & curate our happy, healthy homewares

Thoughtful production for low-impact luxury

Across Sömn’s sourcing and supply chain, we work with low-impact producers and certified partners to establish regenerative production practices. As we craft your linen bedding, we consciously choose to spin, dye, weave, sew, and finish the bulk of our bedding textiles in one facility to minimize our carbon footprint.

We also design for minimal waste by weaving fabric to order and repurposing our linen offcuts into useful, up-cycled products like napkins, kitchen towels, runners and samples. 

These practices are rare in the modern textile industry, but reducing emissions and material waste is at the heart of our commitment to doing things differently. 

Eco-friendly, from fibre to finished

You’re guaranteed quality when you shop with Sömn. Our certified premium non-toxic OEKO-TEX textiles like 100% traceable pure natural linen and 100% organic cotton are safe for the planet and your skin. (Lower-grade fibres or fabrics processed with harsh chemicals? Never.)

Beyond the fibres we source and use, we also consider the entire lifecycle of a product with an emphasis on reducing agricultural pollution. For example, our Eco Towels are woven in a factory that uses 100% wind power for all its operations, with a commitment to full traceability throughout the whole manufacturing process.  

Gentle on the planet, yet easy on the eyes

Shipped to your door sustainably

Every Sömn purchase is packaged and shipped to minimize its environmental impact and maximize your peace of mind. Our eco-friendly packaging (including tissues, tapes, stickers, and stuffing) is made from recycled, recyclable, sustainable, or biodegradable materials.

When you receive your package from Sömn, you can rest assured that we’ve put as much care into materials outside as we have into the contents inside. 

Quality that gives back

We make our environmental commitment tangible even beyond our products. We participate in Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, where our contributions fuel partners’ efforts to reduce and offset transportation emissions, plant and restore forests, increase soil health, remove carbon from our air, and so much more. 

You can truly relax, knowing that your purchase helps create a cleaner, greener future for us all.  

Table Linens

Upcycled placemats, napkins, and coasters for the sustainable home.



Be enveloped by our soft, absorbent, warm towels.


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