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Sustainable Bedding

Pro-Sleepers Approved

Providing comfort and peacefulness for the conscious modern sleeper.

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Linen Comfort Set

From $330.00 CAD

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Linen Essential Set

From $420.00 CAD

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Linen European Set

From $630.00 CAD

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Linen Luxe Set

From $830.00 CAD

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Linen Duvet Cover

From $210.00 CAD

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Linen Flat Sheet

$280.00 CAD

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Linen Fitted Sheet

From $130.00 CAD

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Linen Pillowcase

From $45.00 CAD

Peter M.

“Sömn Linen elevated my sleeping quality dramatically. By sleeping in them I have reduced the amount I sweat overnight. It's life changing.”

Sophie B.

“I have been so happy with my Sömn bedding. I love the experience of sleeping with linen - it's lightweight and breathes well, but still cozy. The Sömn colours are so beautiful and add warmth and personality to any bedroom.”

Edwin L.

“As a new homeowner with a passion for well designed products, I’m so delighted to discover Sömn bedding! Their attentive customer service in just icing on the cake.”

COVID-19 Update - We hope that you and your family are remaining safe and healthy. Things are changing so rapidly, we wanted to give you some up-to-date information about what is going on at Sömn.

Good News! Our producing partners are back at work! This means our Summer Collection will arrive on time for June delivery!

Thank you for your ongoing trust in us. Your orders support this company, our small team and cheers us on! 

Stay tuned for more details.

With love and humble gratitude,

Julie & Fredrik