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Soft. Delightfully breezy. Highly coveted comfort.

We believe sleep is one of the deepest forms of relaxation. Our luxurious bedding will help you find the peacefulness that one seeks in modern lifestyles and achieve a tranquil night's sleep.

This is Sömn.

Prioritizing wellness through conscious efforts

A more restful night’s sleep for you

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“Sömn Linen elevated my sleeping quality dramatically. By sleeping in them I have reduced the amount I sweat overnight. It's life changing.”

—Peter M.

“I have been so happy with my Sömn bedding. I love the experience of sleeping with linen - it's lightweight and breathes well, but still cozy. The Sömn colours are so beautiful and add warmth and personality to any bedroom”

—Sophie B.

“As a new homeowner with a passion for well designed products, I’m so delighted to discover Sömn bedding! Their attentive customer service in just icing on the cake.”

—Edwin L.