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Shop Sömn With Our Retail Partners Across North America 

We’re partnering with retailers (and etailers) to make sleep more sustainable!

As mindful living advocates, we’re out to make a good night’s rest even better. That’s because we’re making it easy to access sustainable materials for everyday living. We cater to discerning clients who want the best without compromising comfort, environment, or ethics. We are thrilled to find our message resonating, with retailers and etailers across the province electing to make our luxury sustainable linen bedding and towels part of their curated collections.

Naturally, we’re all about shopping online. You get convenience, variety, savings—and no pushy sales tactics. At Sömn, we’ve streamlined the online experience. For example, to make sure the order you receive is exactly what you pictured, we offer two sizes of fabric swatch samples to purchase (with free shipping in Canada)!

  • Small: 3 x 3” (raw edge, unwashed - for colour reference only)
  • Large: 9 x 9” (finished edge, stonewashed - for colour and texture reference)

Of course, shopping is a very human experience. You get the energy of being around other people (respectfully distanced, of course). And all the product displays and exhibits offer wonderful ideas on incorporating the latest trends in your home. If you’re hoping for a hands-on experience before purchasing our luxury sustainable linen bedding and towels, we are pleased to recommend one of our amazing retail partners.

Browse Sömn Home in Person 

Physical Store: Illyria Studio Shop

Location: Smithers, BC—1173 Main St

Products: Bedding

Illyria is a boutique retail space specializing in rustic and earthy home décor—textiles, ceramics, stationery, art, jewellery, apothecary and gifts! For lovers of impeccably made beds, Illyria offers a well-rounded selection of beautiful Sömn colours and everything necessary to transform your sleep sanctuary. 

Physical Store: Dandy Lines

Location: Prince George, BC—1275 4th Avenue

Products: Bedding

Fun and artful wares hand-picked by the owners line the shelves of this carefully curated space. The team at Dandy Lines offers patrons an array of artisanal goods, including our beautiful 100% pure linen duvet covers and sheets. Enjoy a hands-on shopping experience filled with an ever-evolving product lineup made for the home and heart!

Physical Store: Provide Home

Location: Vancouver, BC—1805 Fir Street

Products: Bath Towels

Experience a store full of home accessories by master makers from around the world, Provide Home is filled with treasures. You’ll find leatherwork from Italy, ceramics from LA, and luxury bath towels from Japan—our 100% Organic Cotton Towels and Eco Cotton Bamboo Towels, to be exact. Each piece represents centuries of tradition. Originating from the Ehime prefecture, these Imabari towels come from a place where cotton has been meticulously twisted, spun, dyed, and woven for almost a century. It’s no wonder they’re considered among the finest in the world—and a natural fit for the discerning clientele at Provide Home.

Pop-Up Store: Shop Brika

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas—115 W Central Ave, Bentonville

Products: Duvet Covers, Sheets & Sponge cloths

Our first-ever pop-up in the US comes from the curators of Brika. Shop Brika houses goods made by select small brands and artists across North America. This team believes a world of beauty lives in every small thing. Look for our bedding merchandise at their Bentonville location—a gorgeous historic bank building revamped by interior designer Rayon Lawson. 

Browse Sömn Home Online 

Online Store: Shades of Green

Head Office: LA, USA

Products: Bedding  & Towels

Catering to consumers who crave high-quality products for home and workplace, Shades of Green makes it easier to create healthy living spaces by sourcing non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products. They also offer green design consultation and provide the scoop on green building products and practices. All products undergo a thorough process of research and evaluation, so shoppers can easily find high-performing, environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional products. We are gratified and honoured by their decision to carry our eco-friendly bedding and towels!

Online Store: The Local Shop

Head Office: Toronto, Canada

Products: Bedding  & Towels

Do Good + Feel Good + Support Local is the mantra at The Local Shop. Every piece tells a story and is curated by the interior designers at The Local Studio, who believe in imbuing spaces with soul and joy. We are grateful to the team at The Local Shop for including our 100% locally designed linen bedsheets (made in Europe) in their collection.

Online Store: The Verticale

Head Office: NYC, USA

Products: Duvet Covers, Sheets & Towels

For conscious shoppers who want to support BIPOC owned businesses and make purchases that are ethical and good for the planet, The Verticale is making online retail a better place. They apply their own unique standards to vet brands and include founder information on every product page, so you can shop what you stand for!

We’re Going to Keep Growing!

Do you want at-home living that’s as beautiful and planet-friendly as possible? Our online and brick & mortar retail partners can make it happen. We are immensely grateful to everyone supporting us. 

For inquiries about wholesale or retail partnership opportunities, we encourage you to reach out and personally discover what makes us oh, Sömn amazing.

Photos: Rett Peek

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