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Sömn Home natural linen duvet covers, bed sheets, pillowcase sets. Bedding stores Vancouver

Mindful Intentions

Sleep is one of the deepest relaxations that one can experience, which lays the foundation of our belief and intention to elevate one’s journey in getting a good night's sleep. We make sure that we facilitate the experience and you do the sleep.

Within the Sömn Home online store, you'll find premium linen and organic cotton beddings including pillowcases, duvet covers, fitted and flat sheets as well as decorative euro shams and throw blankets for a cohesive designer bedroom look.

t Sömn, we’re a Vancouver online bedding store that offers luxury bed linens

Sustainable Bedding Design

From the choice of raw materials to the finishing details of our beddings, we have a consistent goal in making your sleep as fuss-less as possible - a number one goal at Sömn. 

Every single step of our sourcing process is carefully considered and deeply intended with the best return in mind. Try it for yourself, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

It goes beyond a good night’s sleep. Reap the benefit to empower self-care and wellness.

Sömn Luxury linen bedding sets for the whole family to enjoy. Canada Bedding Store

Luxury Bedding at it's best!

Our beddings go beyond the tangible goods. They optimize wellness benefits that apply on so many levels, from temperature regulating to self cleansing properties to help you dive deeper into a better night’s sleep that supports a healthier and happier life.

Read our product benefits under our product pages to learn more about how each one of them can elevate your lifestyle.

Canada bedding store Sömn offers luxury bed linens and bedding for a better nights sleep

Easy To Wash & Care Linen Fabrics

Our machine washable, no-iron necessary, low-impact all season fabrics are a no-brainer to anyone. They bring you the peace-of-mind and give back to our planet without you having to think.

Our "Easy-to-Maintain" design goal rewards our customers with the luxury of having extra time and pleasure at hand.

Our practical design intention reduces your worries from having to make decisions - designed to be “easy in every way”, a simplicity that integrates wholesome mindedly at Sömn.

Sömn natural linen bed sheets that are environmentally friendly. Made with 100% natural flax

Your social responsibility is done before you know it

Our linen sheets are made from 100% natural flax. This amazing natural fibre grows without the need for any herbicides or pesticides. It is completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and is a great renewable resource. 

Linen is also known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world. It is thirty percent thicker than cotton, which contributes to the longevity and durability.

Sömn organic cotton bedding sheet sets white color. Vancouver bedding stores

Organic Cotton Bedding

Our 100% Organic Cotton beddings are grown using proven methods and processes to manage lower environmental harms, like reducing the use of water during the production process compared to traditional practice. There is zero usage of harsh dyes and colourants, which can contain heavy metal contents.

These Sateen cotton bedding stands up to wear and tear better than their conventional counterparts because it does not use harsh chemical treatments like wrinkle-resistant coating or flame retardants.

Peter M.

“Sömn Linen elevated my sleeping quality dramatically. By sleeping in them I have reduced the amount I sweat overnight. It's life changing.”

Sophie B.

“I have been so happy with my Sömn bedding. I love the experience of sleeping with linen - it's lightweight and breathes well, but still cozy. The Sömn colours are so beautiful and add warmth and personality to any bedroom.”

Edwin L.

“As a new homeowner with a passion for well designed products, I’m so delighted to discover Sömn bedding! Their attentive customer service in just icing on the cake.”

Discover our Pro-Sleeper beddings - your ultimate sleeping partner.