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Mindful Intentions

Sleep is one of the deepest relaxations that one can experience, which lays the foundation of our goal to elevate one’s journey in getting a good night's sleep.

A Matter of Design + Detail→

t Sömn, we’re a Vancouver online bedding store that offers luxury bed linens

Design Details

From the choice of raw materials to the finishing details of Sömn bedding and towels, we have a consistent goal of making your home as relaxed and peaceful as possible.

Every single step is carefully considered and deeply intended for you and the planet. Try it for yourself, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Sömn is the Swedish word for “sleep”

Why Linen Sheets

Our linen sheets are made from 100% pure flax. Flax for linen can grow without pesticides and herbicides. It can also thrive on just rainwater and no irrigation. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and is a great renewable resource. 

From hypoallergenic, temperature regulating to self-cleansing properties, our linen beddings support a healthier and happier life.

How Sömn Differentiates

Canada bedding store Sömn offers luxury bed linens and bedding for a better nights sleep

Easy To Care

Sömn's machine washable, no-iron necessary, all season fabrics are a no-brainer to anyone. They bring you the peace-of-mind and give back to our planet without you having to think.

Our "Easy-to-Care" design goal rewards you with the luxury of having more time and pleasure for yourself and your family.