About Somn Linen

Sömn is the Swedish word for sleep. That’s why we chose it for our pure linen bedding brand. Sleep is one of the deepest relaxations that one can experience. which is exactly what we are hoping to achieve through products of Sömn.

Our first product line, Sömn Linen, will help you find the tranquillity and peacefulness that one seeks in modern lifestyles. Available in a series of colours inspired by the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia - from the Vancouver skyline to the snow-capped North Shore Mountains.

Our goal is to promote wellness and care, which starts with getting a good night's sleep.

Benefits of Pure Linen

One of the benefits of sleeping on linen is that it will naturally regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture.

Our pure linen is just the right thickness to use year-round... thick enough to keep you warm in the winter, light enough to keep you cool in the summer. This improves comfort and helps you to deepen your relaxation just a little bit more.

Experience the comforts of 100% linen

Linen has a neutral PH balance, is hypoallergenic, and bacteria resistant. This makes it comfortable against the skin.

The woven structure of pure linen bedding allows air to pass through easily, making the fabric incredibly breathable. Combine this with the ability to wick away moisture while remaining dry to the touch, this means greater relaxation and better sleep for you. 


Our sheets are made from 100% natural flax. This amazing natural fibre grows without the need for any herbicides or pesticides. It is completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and is a great renewable resource.

Our Linen Source

Sömn linens are made in Lithuania in with Lithuanian Flax. The country has a rich history of flax production that contributes to what we believe is the world's best linen.

Our design team has made sure that little details like hidden buttons and interior ties hold your duvet in place. Each piece is stonewashed and preshrunk to make sure the sheets feel relaxed and fit consistently without further shrinkage. This level of consideration makes our products hard to not love.

Ready for a better night’s sleep? Browse our collections.

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