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The Spring Colour Palette Has Arrived at Sömn Home - New Linen Bedding Colors

Shop sustainable linen bedding in a range of poetic and complex hues—the spring bedding collection has arrived at Sömn Home.

In home décor, colour is paramount. It creates ambiance, atmosphere, and tone. But no colour stands alone. When it comes to choosing new colours, we opt for hues that have the longevity to stand alone while complementing trending seasonal palettes. As a sustainable linen bedding store in Vancouver, all of us at Sömn Home are excited to announce our new seasonal line-up. Inspired by the light and natural colours of spring, we invite you to experience Lemon Sorbet, White Peach, and Mineral Green.

The growing season is here. After the chaos of 2020, the bright blue skies and blossoming earth are a welcome sight. But for all its challenges, 2020 held some valuable lessons. As isolation forced us all to take a breath and slow down, we rediscovered a love of nature, new hobbies, and different ways to reinvigorate ourselves within the space of our own four walls. 

Creating happy spaces within the home

The trend of transforming our homes into a more inspired, ideal place to live, work, and play was born in 2020. As an online bedding store that specializes in wellness-obsessed home textiles, we considered which colours would allow people to create energizing, cozy rooms, bathroom to boudoir. Given the unexpected amount of time we all ended up spending indoors, this season’s hues are all about creating happy spaces within the home.

Design trends in 2021

Design trends in 2021 leaned towards refreshing, invigorating shades. In coming up with these colours, we looked at trends in décor, electronics, personal care, stationery, food—even children’s toys. To bridge the age and gender gap, we wanted to create versatile shades that appealed across the board, boomer to zoomer! For example, our gentle White Peach and Lemon Sorbet combine beautifully with airy, light colors, providing an effortless pop of colour to the neutral backgrounds and wood floors that have been in vogue for almost a decade.

These colours are particularly in vogue for the baby and kid market. The ice-cream palette reflects a fantastic escape, evoking a sense of luxury and endless play. These colours also pair beautifully with powder-coated metals in chalky purples and blues or mirrored pastel substrates that create fun, optical illusions.

The lilac (wisteria) and pink shades (desert and blossom pinks) of the previous seasons have made way for deeper and richer hues that exude comfort, evoking a sense of solace and calm. Mineral Green is a beautiful compliment to homes filled with darker, bolder colours. 

Think Japandy

For people who want to play up their walls and keep their furniture and bedding minimal—think Japandy—this soft, misty shade of green is evocative of modesty and conscious consumption. Mineral Green puts the spotlight on the clearer, brighter neutrals that are emerging, lending a cohesive and sophisticated scheme to a room. With trends like veganism and plant-based materials on the rise, Mineral Green has a lot of staying power. It pairs seamlessly with rich caramels and tans, evoking the vibe of mid-century modernism. For nostalgic pop of colour, we recommend adding a touch of Jaffa orange.

Colour trends for 2021 

Our colour palettes for 2021 reflect the trend of a slow and considered life. Sun-bleached, earthy shades support a handcrafted aesthetic, building on tonal colour combinations to create a restorative and comforting mood. From soft yellows and pretty peaches to earthy greens, these hints of colour complete a room, without overwhelming the space. These colours are especially appropriate if you want to keep the floors and walls neutral and then flood their walls with bold, colourful art. Brighten up the doldrums left behind by 2020, this season’s palette is about creating beautiful, cozy, comforting spaces.

Ready for a refresh? Shop Sömn luxury linen bedding in our new spring colours! 

New Spring Linen Bedding Colors By Somn Home

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