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Sustainable Made-in-Canada Gift Ideas

Want to shop Canadian and support local businesses? For those who love ethical gift-giving, we've put together a sustainable gift guide with some great last-minute ideas. 

The essence of the holidays has always been giving from the heart. While it's easy to get carried away in a tidal wave of mass-produced commercialism, there's something special about giving (and receiving) unique, small-batch gifts from local businesses. So many Canadian teams today focus on sustainability. Their models are innovative, giving materials a second life or sourcing sustainably for gifts that are environmentally friendly while filling recipients with delight. Without further delay, here’s our guide to gift giving that will earn you a spot on everyone’s nice list.

1. Milk Jar Scented Candles

Clean-burning and beautiful smelling, Milk Jar Candles began as a one-woman operation in Calgary. They still make incredibly awesome, plant-based and phthalate-free candles in unique fragrances like Hygge, a sweet, warm, spiced fragrance and Maple Dip—self-explanatory. Milk Jar has become a Canadian phenomenon, and last-minute pick-ups can be made at many beautiful boutiques, including Rooms + Spaces and the Local Bloom Gift Shop.

2. Livøm Ceramics

As a Montreal-based brand, Livom embraces slow living, minimalism and sustainability. Beyond prioritizing the use of recycled materials in their home décor, they're working with local artisans and manufacturing in Canada to reduce their carbon footprint. With a stunning selection of beautiful ceramics that offer style and sustainability at affordable prices, Livom is a Canadian brand worth getting behind.

3. HÉBERT Fragrance

Fine fragrance enthusiasts take note: HÉBERT is a Canadian-made perfume being compared to heavy-hitters like Tom Ford and Killian. Made in Montreal by Master Perfumer Claude André, HÉBERT combines luxury with ethical values for a natural, vegan, and cruelty-free fragrance. HÉBERT comes in two editions—Victor and Victoria. Victor is aromatic and woody, mingling notes of sweet orange lavender, cedarwood, and patchouli, while Victoria is floral without being too sugary thanks to cedar and sandalwood, which temper notes of jasmine and rose. Free standard shipping is available in Canada on orders over $150.

4. Sangre de Fruta Botanical Bar Soaps

Stocking stuffers can be tricky, but we love a good lather. Sangre de Fruta Botanical Bar Soaps are handcrafted in small batches to create sensory potions that nurture, protect, and meaningfully connect people with nature. These soaps are organic, free of GMOs, artificial scents, and preservatives. Made with the finest essential oils, clays and botanical extracts for colour, texture, and skin-nourishing properties, these beautiful bars come in a botanically dyed paper and feature soul-soothing fragrances like Neroli Noir and Head of Roses.

5. Linen Waffle Bath Towels

It's impossible to go wrong with great gifts for the home. Make bath time even more enjoyable with our eco-friendly Linen Waffle Towels. Soft, sturdy, and fast drying, these medium-weight towels are thick with a finish that becomes softer and more luxurious with time. Handmade in Eastern Europe, the highly absorbent long-staple flax linen is non-toxic, antibacterial, and biodegradable for healthier skin and a cleaner home. Sustainably sourced for a guilt-free indulgence. Visit our Gastown location on 28 Water Street for pick up and to see more sustainable gift ideas for the home.

Seasonal, Sustainable Gift Giving

In the season of giving, we’re delighted to share the spotlight with so many sustainable Canadian businesses. These entrepreneurs acquire inspiration from nature and the street. From homewares to personal hygiene, there’s a rethinking when it comes to manufacturing. Whether it’s raw materials that can be returned to nature, vegan alternatives, or recycling/upcycling, there are more cradle-to-cradle options, with Canadian businesses leading the charge with beautiful, thoughtful gifts that leave a small impact on the planet and a big impact on recipients. 

This season, shop sustainable, think local—and fill your hearts as you fill your stockings. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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