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Seven Tips to Sleep More Soundly with Your Partner

It’s February, arguably the most romantic time of the year. As your sleep savants, we've designed our luxury linen bedding to make your home as relaxing and peaceful as possible. Of course, we at Sömn Home understand the challenges of getting a good night’s sleep can be a bit different for everyone. To help make bedtime more productive, we have curated seven tips to make curling up with your Valentine a more restful experience.

Ideally, sleeping with a partner is a warm, bonding experience, punctuated with cuddles and kisses. On the other hand, a Better Sleep Council survey reveals almost 26 percent of people feel they sleep better alone. It’s understandable. Different temperature preferences, wandering limbs, and blanket snatching can make bed-sharing feel like anything but restful experience. The trick to enjoying better sleep with a partner is to explore and discover what works best for each of you. Try these simple tips to get started.

1) It’s about positioning.

Yes, we are still talking about sleep. Spooning is considered the go-to for couples in love, but all that touching can become disruptive—and too hot! Instead, try different positions—back-to-back, stomach, side, or some other combination. Both people need to be comfortable, so don’t be afraid to do your own thing.

2) Space is a good thing.

Like we mentioned, too much touching is a no-no, especially for those who tend to overheat. In a study of couple sleeping positions, researchers found nearly 86% of people who slept about an inch from each other reported the most relationship satisfaction. Maintain closeness without actually touching for deeper, dreamier sleeps.

3) Designate cuddling time.

Of course, we are not anti-cuddling, quite the contrary. Cuddles trigger the production of wonder hormone oxytocin, which helps induce sleep by suppressing the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Designate cuddling time to enjoy the beneficial effects of the sleep—just try to separate before actually falling asleep to enjoy the full benefits of blissful, uninterrupted rest. 

4) Use two covers.

Living with a blanket hog can make bed-sharing a nightmare. However, the solution is simple—two separate covers. At Sömn Home, we offer a bespoke service—ask us about creating half-size custom Queen/King duvet covers that allow individuals to freely shift, spin, and cocoon, without disrupting their partners. Bonus: separate duvets are also a solution for people who prefer different temperatures i.e. one partner likes it warmer/cooler.

5) Have some fun with pre-sleep rituals.

Experimenting with different relaxation techniques can be a terrific (and romantic) bonding experience. Maybe it’s a little light stretching, listening to soft music, or even giving each other a relaxing back rub. Taking a warm shower can help jumpstart the natural vasodilation process where the release of melatonin helps cool the body thereby inducing sleep. Another tip recommended by medical experts: power down electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. The blue light from the screen suppresses the melatonin—it stimulates rather than relaxes.

6) Sleep when necessary.

One of the trickiest aspects of co-sleeping is timing. People need different amounts of sleep—and this doesn't change in a relationship. On average, it should take about 30 minutes to fall asleep. If one person is tossing and turning, they might not be tired. Individuals need to pay attention to their sleep cycle—their circadian rhythm and get enough rest to meet their needs, even if it means sleeping or waking at different times from their partner.

7) When necessary, seek medical help.

Sleep is about more than relaxation. It profoundly affects mood, mental health, and memory. If none of the tips we mentioned yield results, it may be time to consult with a doctor. This is also applicable for those affected by snoring, which is often caused by minor, treatable medical conditions.

Sleep Oh, Sömn Soundly

At Sömn Home, our 100% pure flax linen sheets are hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, with self-cleaning properties to promote a healthier and happier life. We believe everyone should enjoy sleeping with their partner. Try these tips to transform your nights and get closer—on Valentine’s or any time.

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