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Pillow Talk for Your Best Sleep Ever

On the bed, your pillows create a visual and haptic contrast to the soft rolls of bedcovers. Of course, we know the value of a good pillow goes far beyond aesthetics. That’s why at Sömn Home, we offer two restorative options—the Duck Feather Pillow and the 100% Pure Merino Wool Pillow. However, picking the right one means accounting for your body type and preferred sleep position. To assist, we’ve created an easy points-based quiz you can take at the end of this article.

Since the pandemic, there’s been an uptick in consciousness around health and well-being. We’re all familiar with the results of too little sleep—irritability, absentmindedness, and disorientation are commonplace. However, the impact of sleep deprivation can be even more severe. Researchers from the Universities of Tübingen and Lübeck recently proved that even three fewer hours of sleep weakens the immune system and impairs our defences against pathogens. 

An investment in sleep is an investment in your health, and one of the most important considerations is your pillow. As an item you will use for thousands of hours, making a well-informed choice is well worth your time and money. 

In a nutshell, stomach sleepers tend to benefit from the cloud-like comfort of Pure Merino Wool Pillow. Tummy sleepers require less density. To create a pillow that distributes support evenly across the form and offers low-profile support, we made this pillow using soft layers of 100% pure Merino wool batting. For back and side sleepers where more density is desirable, our machine-washable duck feather pillow provides resilient lift and variable firmness with minimal bounce.

Both pillows are filled with natural materials encased in fine cotton ticking for sublime skin comfort, permeating no strong chemical odours often associated with memory foam and synthetic options. These beautiful pillows are crafted cleanly without unnecessary ornamentation. Instead, the design focuses on essential function--in this case, supporting good-quality sleep with matching duvet options.

Both pillows come with a two-year guarantee for defects in materials and artistry. To maximize the longevity of your investment, use a pillow protector and a case to keep your pillow fresh and comfortable. Contact us to special order the pillow protectors. For cleaning, we recommend a spot treatment with a damp cloth. Roll the pillow in a towel to remove excess dampness–never wring it out.

Fluff daily, and for extra freshness, a little time in the sunshine is often restorative, leaving your pillow as fresh and warm as clean laundry.

The right pillow is vital to determining who wakes up with stabbing neck pain and who starts the day well-rested. At Sömn, our pillows meet the requirements for restful sleep. These happy, healthy homewares are also traceable with complete precision. Created using materials like OEKO-TEX-certified cotton, they are a cradle-to-cradle product that lets you rest easy while turning the bedroom into a relaxing oasis of well-being.  

Take our quiz to learn how the right pillow can help you score better sleep.

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