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Learn How To Shop for Pure Linen Beddings with Sömn

We adore our customers and admire their educated minds. It's sad but true to say that we are seeing companies making false claims on their linen quality and materials. ⁠

Here at Sömn, we truly believe that quality should never be compromised, like we said "we want the best for you and never settle for less!". We know how important it is to put your hard earned dollars into places that can in return present real benefits, and we want to be part of this journey for you. So, our team has spent some time compiling a list of in-house tips to help you do just that.

Here is what we and our customers think you need to know when out shopping for 100% linen beddings and how to flag a misleading brand or product in our current marketplace:⁠

1. When the linen price is extortionately low compared to competitors. Sounds easy to spot but this is never easy when we are lured by the low prices. When you see a price that is dramatically lower than usual please pause before you click to buy, do some digging of the company and products, there is always a reason behind a cheap price.⁠

2. Does the company outline all the materials that are woven into the fabric? You don't want a mixed blend of cotton or synthetic materials when you are looking to buy good linen sheets.⁠

3. Is there a description of the weight of the fabric? This is essential to the quality and functionality of a good set of linen sheets which also defines a portion of the price.⁠

4. Do you know where the materials are grown, cultivated, processed and woven? These factors have major impacts on the overall quality and integrity of a product nevertheless sustainability and pricing.⁠

5. Does the company promise you a Lifetime Guarantee? The lifespan of linen can be longer than other fibres but this does not mean that they are unending.⁠

6. Are there any misleading advertising jargon? Some businesses can cheat their customers by describing a look and feel of a product but not necessarily be able to testify where and how the raw materials are constructed. Like some describe their linens as "French Linen" but only to find out that they are not exactly grown and processed in France after some research. ⁠

We hope this has been useful and vow to advertise our linens with honesty and integrity.

Natural Linen that is grown, spun, dyed, weaved and sewn in Europe is what makes Sömn Linen Beddings. This is the only way to truly reap the benefits of this beautiful ancient grain.⁠

Comment below to share your tips on how to select true linen bedding sheets, we'll love to learn and hear from you!

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