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Introducing the New Wool Pillow and Duvet 

The textile trends of 2023 continue to see nature quietly moving inside the house. It’s a fresh and familiar vibe. Natural fibres like wool and linen imbue spaces with an organic, vibrant quality, and we’ve put our own spin on the movement by creating a new symbiosis between natural materials and home textiles with the launch of our new wool pillow and duvet. 

As sleep savants, your pillow is one of the most essential elements for sleep quality and overall health. It’s an item you will use for thousands of hours, so making a well-informed choice is worth some consideration. A quality pillow contributes to your well-being and can last decades with proper care.

As part of our Sleep Collection, our new wool pillow is crafted from pure, 100% Merino wool. Reputed as the longest-lasting natural fibre, wool is both resilient and breathable. The coil-spring structure of each fibre contributes to its longevity, allowing pillows to retain their shape. With multiple layers of wool batting, these pillows provide the head and neck with just the right amount of support in addition to temperature and moisture-regulating properties that support deep and dreamy slumbers.

Features of The Wool Pillow

  • 100% pure Merino wool is hand-sorted to select only the longest fibres 
  • 2-year guarantee for defects in materials/ workmanship 
  • 100% German-made cotton ticking
  • 238 thread count Batiste weave 
  • Finished with a clean and simple knife edge
  • Romanian created with 100% European Merino wool

The Merino wool in our Sleep Collection is soft and silky, a beautiful compromise between durability and touchable softness. Our new Wool Duvet drapes softly over the body. Available in two weights, 150 g/m2 (Summer) and  250 g/m2 (Classic), this hypoallergenic duvet has a beautiful quilted diamond design that prevents shifting. As an extra feature, for an even warmer option,  the Summer and Classic duvets can be fastened with their loops to create a seriously warm “Dual Winter” weight, thereby coddling sleepers in year-round comfort. 

Features of the Wool Duvet

  • 6-year guarantee for defects in materials/ workmanship 
  • 100% German-made cotton ticking 
  • 238 thread count Batiste weave
  • Quilted diamond design 
  • Finished with a clean and straightforward knife edge 

At Sömn Home, we’re proud to create natural and sustainable home textiles that capture the spirit of the times. Wool is scientifically tested and proven to slow your pulse rate, a sign of more profound relaxation. Although some people think they are allergic to wool or its lanolin, this is usually only the case with traditional coarse wool. Our Merino contains less than 1% lanolin and is covered in a fine German batiste cotton fabric that creates an effective barrier for your skin.

As healthy, hypoallergenic material, wool in the bedroom promotes a more comfortable sleep environment. It is fire retardant, and its moisture control properties decrease the likelihood of common allergens such as dust mites. 

We’ve also ensured every aspect of our new collection is as sustainable and ethical as possible. We’re working with European farmers who meet the highest standards in animal care. The fleece is harvested annually, cleaned and processed using eco-friendly detergents–100% natural terpenes found in natural essential oils extracted from plants. The result is a pure, clean, renewable fibre with a fresh, pleasant scent. At the end of life, it composts completely, releasing valuable nutrients into the soil and closing the product cycle. 

There’s much more we could say about our sustainable wool pillows and duvets, but nothing beats trying one for yourself. Your best sleep is just a  click away.

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