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Drawing Inspiration from Nature: Our Creative Journey of the New Earth Hue.

In the heart of Sömn's sanctuary, a new Earth shade emerges, a testament to the untamed beauty of the Canadian West Coast's landscape.

This new Earth hue, inspired by the very essence of nature, is a harmonious companion to all the shades that dwell within the House of Sömn. Its warm and restful embrace draws us close to the earth as if our fingers were intertwined with the soil, gently caressing the mud.

In this shade, we find the essence of rain and woody scents carried by the morning breeze, the freshness of the forest's breath, and the twilight's gentle caress sending us to rest. It's a hue embraced by the steadfast arms of cedar trees and cherished by our planet and nature herself.

As we step into the soulful Fall season, this shade welcomes us with open arms, inviting us to embrace a slower pace and reconnect with the earth beneath our feet. It's a season of transition, a time when we prepare for the cooler days ahead, and this Earth shade reminds us of the beauty in grounding ourselves amidst the chaos.

In its presence, we find the embodiment of slow living, a commitment to natural materials, and a design tailored for those who are obsessed with wellness and enraptured by the great outdoors. This new Earth shade is an ode to simplicity, a celebration of the raw, unbridled beauty of our planet, and a reminder that, sometimes, the most profound moments of serenity can be found in the embrace of nature's warm, earthy tones.

Our Journey of Creative Inspiration

Before diving deeper into this Earth-inspired hue's beauty, we wanted to share the roots of our creative inspiration. At the very heart of our design philosophy lies a profound connection to the natural world, a connection that has fuelled our creativity and brought us to this moment. Join us as we explore the magnificent landscapes and the essence of nature that have guided us to craft this Earth shade and the unique experience it offers.

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