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Design Leans into Wellness in 2023

2023 has been a year defined by change. Flux has been the greatest constant as we attempt to regain equilibrium in a post-Covid world. For many of us, surprise and transition have become part of daily life, and designers are embracing these trends through contemporary design.

There is a thrill with the unknown. Design is taking on a surprising new life with a new, wellness-focused living style as we respond to resource and climate challenges.

While minimalist, nature-infused spaces still reign supreme, the style is being tempered with lavish fabrics, textures, and bolder, brighter colours for ethereal spaces that put a refreshing twist on what’s come before. 

Home design in 2023 isn’t about undoing the past but refining it to create natural, healthy spaces infused with personality and passion. Spruce up your home style with these trends that encourage us to take a fresh look at familiar things!

One of the new directions we’re seeing is mindful minimalism. 2023 is slowly moving from stark spaces towards more decorative styles.

It’s not about hyper-maximalism but bringing interest to the home through a few well-placed accents that draw the eye by leveraging colour, ethnic patterns and symmetry. Look for elements that create a cohesive, elevated look with subtle and luxurious detailing. A couple of pieces we love for easy pairing include the Long Bolster Pillow or Waffle Toss Cushions, which use texture and an easy mix of earthy tones to create an effortlessly elevated effect.

Another trend on the rise is the flex space. Versatile surfaces fold out or away work to create multipurpose/multifunction rooms. For example, a fold-out desk can turn a kitchen into a handy office. Easy care tableware like the Dash Table Runner and Linen Napkins work to enhance the function of multipurpose kitchens. Besides a timeless beauty, durability, and weight, they store easily. Bonus: the naturally rumpled look of linen imbues spaces with a bohemian beauty–no ironing required!

Although Covid brought loss and challenge, there were takeaways, too. One of our favourites was the revival of at-home entertaining.

This has been realized through trends like conversation pits, circular seating, and cozy nooks, which foster a close and convivial atmosphere to reconnect with our favourite people. Think comfy chairs and couches filled with cozy Fringed Waffle Blankets–a 2023 best-selling category that will return in a few new designs to our store in the Fall.

As we transition to 2024, we predict nature-inspired interiors will continue to trend. This is partly because more crafters and designers are leaning into wellness, sourcing local, eco-friendly materials while looking to the natural world to inspire their designs. Expect to see more organic materials in design and homewares–wood, stone, metal, wool, linen, and cotton. In terms of colour, palettes will be bright and exciting, combining unexpected and unique combinations for visually enriching spaces. A vibrant jewel-tone chair against an earthy wall can make for a surprisingly balanced effect. 

If we had to sum up the design trends of 2023 in one word—it would be wellness. Self-care and mindfulness are trends designers are leveraging to improve well-being, but they’re also doing it in an environmentally friendly way that facilitates healthy living and minimizes environmental impact.

We believe wellness-inspired design is key to a slow, mindful life that allows us to unlock our greatest potential and function as the best version of ourselves. 

At Sömn, we will continue to foster innovation and create mindful homewares for beautiful, sophisticated spaces that support optimal health and wellness–for design that’s trendsetting yet timeless.

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