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Bedding Buying Guide: Linen or Sateen Cotton, How Do I Choose?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so why not put a little more thought into creating a sweeter experience. Choosing the right bedding is just one of the details that make a difference in determining the overall comfort of your bed space. Follow us to find your perfect match and you will be that much more excited to fall asleep.

What is Linen Bedding?

A natural fibre cultivated from the flax plant, linen is known for its breathability and absorbency. Linen becomes stronger and softer over time with use and washing; its resilience has made it an ultra-luxe staple for centuries.

Our linen is a medium weight of 175g, so your body will feel perfectly enveloped in the duvet cover without any hints of confinement.

Choose Linen If You…

  • are a hot sleeper, or sleep next to one —it’s temperature regulation will give you breathable comfort throughout the night.
  • like to be wrapped up in weightlessly textured luxury.
  • prefer the perfectly imperfect rustic appearance —the wrinkles are the beauty of linen.


What is Cotton Bedding?

Grown from the cotton plant, this natural fibre has been used for centuries for their softness, comfort, and versatility. The strength and durability of cotton sheets are achieved through a series of complex woven structures.

We’ve selected to work with a 350 thread count for our organic cotton sateen for its densely packed yarns. It has just the right amount of silkiness for a heavy drape.

Choose Sateen Cotton If You...

  • tend to sleep cold.
  • like the coziness of cotton that is soft and lush with a slight sheen.
  • prefer a more tailored look —our organic cotton sateen is wrinkle-resistant.

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