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An Interior Designer’s View: Meet Tiffany from LIV Design Studio

“Design has always been a part of my life.” Said Tiffany Lam, the Senior Interior Designer and Founding Partner at LIV Design Studio. Tiffany was brought up alongside her family’s real estate business, she remembers drawing sketches for her father’s projects from a young age, which became second nature to her later on in life and led her to found LIV Design —a multidisciplinary interior design studio in Vancouver, BC. With projects spanning across Canada, from Vancouver, Calgary to Toronto. LIV projects appear opulent and grand yet the people inside her team speak so modestly and warmly.

Tiffany says, “The best thing about design is that it is all-encompassing, which makes it almost impossible to pick just one thing. It touches and transforms every aspect of life in such a real way, and I’m just happy that I can be involved in creating a design that actually shapes the daily life of our clients and our community.” This love for interior design is why we chose to feature her business this month.

How it all began:

“In 2012, my sister Olivia and I started LIV Design Studio – we first set out with a large focus on Interior Design and as our projects grew our team grew along with it. Aside from a talented team of Interior Designers, our studio includes a team of Computer Graphics Artists and in-house graphic design team. Since the start, we’ve always strived of becoming more than just an interior design studio. We try to incorporate other creative works in our projects and processes, such as branding, CG artistry, and illustration.”

The LIV Design Approach:

LIV Design Studio embraces three pillars of methodology in their design process, which consists of Technology, Design, and Culture – these elements are woven into each project. “When working through a design project, we ask how technology can be used to strengthen our work. Are we utilizing the technology to build a design that’s not only creative but also reinforces our culture?”

The LIV Studio Culture:

“Our team is so diverse in their approach to design and creativity, It’s a team of great people in general. We work in an open space, always learning from each other and pushing each other to do better. It’s hard not to learn quickly when you’re surrounded by so much knowledge.”

How has LIV Design Studio helped to meet the needs of their clients during the pandemic:

“I think for most designers, the entire process of design starts and ends with the end-user, and what the intent of the space is. One of the great things about working at LIV is that we really go the extra mile to keep the clients involved in each stage through our Visually Led Design (VLD) approach. By keeping open communication with our in-house rendering team, our drawings and 3D renderings bring the design to life for us and to the clients. 

Our VLD process makes it very easy for the client to visualize and for us to communicate the design. There is often a designer language barrier between designers and the clients, which can be so detrimental to the process under some circumstances. Having already established this very visual format of communication, we have been able to keep our pace with each project, which of course the client really appreciate”

What “home” means to Tiffany:

“My idea of home is everything 'warmth', in colours, materials, textures, and finishes. And of course, home is where my dog Chopa is!”

Tiffany's tip on how to make a bedroom a peaceful and comfortable place to retreat to:

“Defining and creating comfort is such a personal thing, especially in a bedroom, where it really should feel like a retreat to center and restore. And that personal comfort may change from person to person. A great place to start is with colour and texture – choosing materials that can envelop your senses. Like adding details that spark 'joy', that speak to you and make you feel like this is your own corner of the world!"

Tiffany's love for Sömn Bedding:

“I, along with the rest of the LIV Design team, really appreciate Sömn’s commitment to sustainability and support in artisanship. The organic cotton bedding is really easy to care for, this wrinkle resistance fabric gives an effortless luxurious feel. It also helps that Sömn beddings are so expertly designed – from start to finish, with little details like hidden buttons and interior duvet ties... so functional! This is something we at LIV Design loves very much and pays close attention to – details that elevate the end-users’ experience! My personal favourite is the Sleepwell Pillow, which is beyond comfortable and they’re such a great size that makes them so versatile. Finding high quality, local, sustainable brands that perfectly match your aesthetic is not always an easy thing to do, but Sömn does it so well!”

How Tiffany spends her personal time:

“The thing that inspires me and my creative process the most is travel. Exploring design and architecture through different lenses, learning new cultures, and trying new foods always leaves me feeling inspired and refreshed. I can't wait to explore more of British Columbia and Canada.”


LIV Design is looking to connect with local designers, interior décor, and home accessory brands from Vancouver and the rest of the Pacific Northwest region. They recently collaborated with Lock & Mortice on an exclusive custom stationery holder, and are always on the lookout for more collaborations. They launched a LIV pop-up shop of holiday cards and gift sets in 2019 during the holiday season. They can’t wait to see how that evolves with their future partnerships in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you to Tiffany and her team at LIV Design Studio for chatting with us and sharing their passion with the world.

Photos: LIV Design Studio

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