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2023 Impact Report Shows How Sömn is Driving Sustainability

Planet-friendly isn’t a blanket statement at Sömn Home — our new impact report highlights the environmental benefits of using our linen sheets over conventional cotton.

At Sömn Home, we’re proud to have pioneered a luxurious brand of sustainable linen sheets. As we strive towards a more sustainable future, we like looking back on significant milestones. Our first Life Cycle Impact Assessment was released last January in partnership with Green Story. This year, we’re proud to publish our 2022 stats, highlighting significant impact in terms of emissions avoided, energy conserved, and water saved.

Creating a luxurious brand of eco-friendly bedding doesn’t just happen. Various criteria went into designing a superior brand of linen sheets, pure in nature and form. By focusing on high-quality flax, we imbued our sheets with the outstanding benefits intrinsic to this natural fibre for dream-like bedding that’s naturally anti-bacterial, sweat-wicking, and hypoallergenic. Comparatively, like-to-like products made cheaply and transported halfway around the world can’t measure up.

Key differences also emerge between our sustainable production methods and conventional—often inexpensive—manufacturing, synonymous with trend-driven mass consumption. For example, compared to conventional cotton, consumers who invested in our 100% pure linen sheets, made sustainably, helped us realize the following benefits in 2022:

  • 3,600.5 kgCO2e of emissions avoided
  • 12,708.9 kWh of energy conserved
  • 2,512,588.1 litres of water saved

    While significant and impressive, the stats don’t tell the whole story. In more relatable terms, reducing 3,600.5 kgCO2e means driving almost 13,848.2 km in a typical car. Conserving 12,708.9 kWh of energy is equivalent to running a 60-watt bulb for 1,270,890.8 hours, and saving 2,512,588.1 litres of water means over one million days of clean drinking water for an individual person, a particularly notable benefit with growing concerns around water scarcity. 

    Given the growing urgency and awareness, it’s no surprise sustainability is now a deciding factor for almost 75 percent of consumers looking for home textiles and furniture. Demand for products with better environmental life cycle assessment is growing, which means green positioning is no longer about ideology–now, it’s about economics. The resulting rush of companies making green claims has led to an understandable wave of consumer skepticism. Almost 80% of buyers no longer trust labels, according to market research by Dr. Grieger & Cie. Excelling as a green company today means transparency and verifiable claims backed up by trusted third-party partners like OEKO-TEX and Green Story.

    Being genuinely invested in sustainability and eco-friendly products requires understanding the whole process, fibre to finish, considering the complete life cycle of products, and being committed to traceability and accountability at every step. For our team, that means:

    • Choosing renewable raw materials: our certified non-toxic OEKO-TEX,  and REACHED certified textiles, like 100% pure natural linen and 100% organic cotton, are safe for the planet and your skin. 

    • Low-impact processes: across Sömn’s sourcing and supply chain, we work with low-impact producers and certified partners to establish regenerative production practices. 

    • As we craft your linen bedding, we consciously choose flax from the Baltics and Italy, a heartier and higher quality flax that lasts longer than linen sourced from the Far East for less disposal and textile waste. 

    • Reducing waste: we repurpose our linen offcuts into useful, upcycled products like napkins, kitchen towels, pouches, and scrunchies. This year, we will launch two new tabletop collections from new fabrics as we have exceeded our forecasted sales for upcycled products.

    • Fair production: we believe sustainability also entails social responsibility. This means good working conditions and fair wages are essential considerations when investing in bedding that allows people to rest easy.

    • Sustainable packaging: every Sömn purchase is packaged and shipped to minimize its environmental impact and maximize your peace of mind. Our eco-friendly packaging has improved over the years (including mailers, boxes, garment sleeves, printed materials, tissues, tapes, stickers, and stuffing), mostly (90%) made from recycled, recyclable, sustainable, or biodegradable materials.

          Mindful consumption has become a growing priority–it has to if we’re going to ensure the resources essential to our survival and comfort remain plentiful. As a sustainably oriented team focused on sleep and rest, we remain committed to working with professionals who can audit our choices, keep us honest, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

          Experience linen bedding made from long staple yarns, woven to a medium weight and produced through a low-impact process for a super-luxe feel. Finished with heirloom quality sewing, Sömn linens are the culmination of quality and sustainability for a clean conscience and superior rest.

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