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Sleep Better with Sustainable Linen Bedding

Earth-friendly linens clear the conscience, but the type of linens you choose can also significantly impact your quality of sleep

Most interior designers agree--don’t skimp when it comes to high-quality linen bedding. Like a cheap pair of shoes, bad bedding can impact how you move and feel the whole day. Why? Different sheets yield different sleeps. The materials, thread counts, and manufacturing that go into your bedding will become the foundation of your rest. In other words, it is worth investing in bedding that delivers what you want—and need.

Choosing the Duvet

Are you a cool or cozy sleeper? Your answer will determine the tog rating of your duvet. What is the tog rating? Essentially the tog rating is the duvet's measure of warmth. The higher the number, the hotter the duvet. 

In summer, a tog rating of 2.5 to 4.5 will generally suffice. In winter, you'll want to target something between 12 to 13.5. Downs tend to be lighter and cozier, and quilting will preserve the beauty and longevity of the duvet--your stuffing won't end up bunched up in a corner. Whatever type of duvet and heat level you choose, remember to opt for a sumptuous, breathable duvet cover, which will help regulate temperature, ensuring cozy comfort for both warm and cool sleepers.

Pillow Power

Pillows are another highly personalized choice. Soft, firm, feather, or foam. Side sleepers, back sleepers—there's a pillow for everyone. Again, personal choice will determine what's right for you. The ideal pillow is soft enough to be comfy while providing your head, neck, and shoulders with ample support. If you wake up sore or stiff, your pillow could be the culprit. Change your pillows every two to three years, or sooner if it looks like the stuffing is deteriorating.

Bedding Sheet Smarts 

When it comes to choosing sheets, thread count is a term you’ve probably heard. High thread counts are associated with quality sheets, but it‘s less significant than you realize. Thread counts are only relevant for cotton. As a measure of fineness, thread counts examines the number of threads per square inch. 

More than thread count, the manufacture, weave, and material determine the fineness of your sheets. When we talk about luxury bedding, the most frequently used fabrics are linen, silk and cotton. Each of these fibers possesses distinct beauty and attributes. Cotton is resilient and soft to the touch, while linen is rustic and has an incredible hand over time. Both fabrics are comfortable and breathable and have been used throughout history due to their texture and characteristics.

It should be noted that while most sheets look like they fall into one of these two categories, many are manufactured with a synthetic blend of materials. Often treated with chemicals meant to make them tougher, flame-retardant, and wrinkle-free. This doesn't seem like a deal-breaker until you realize that these additives can seep into the skin, causing irritation and allergic reactions.

Considering you’ll spend almost one-third of your life in bed, it makes sense to opt for all-natural materials that are clean and safe.

Better in Bed

What does "natural" mean in terms of sheets? Very simply, you want to target sustainable bedding made without harmful chemicals or dyes. 

Organic cotton and luxury linen sheets are generally the top choice, although once again personal preference will determine your pick. With its lived-in, country cottage aesthetic and natural hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and self-cleaning properties, linen has long been a top choice in the luxury bedding market, particularly among those looking for pregnancy-friendly/baby-friendly bedding. 

At Sömn Home, our luxury linen bedding is woven from 100% natural flax that grows without the need for any herbicides or pesticides. It is completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and a wonderful low-maintenance all-season fabric.

They say when you make your bed, you have to lie in it. Now that we have shared the basics, you are ready to find the bedding that will support your most peaceful slumber ever.



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