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Saving the Planet: Sustainable Bedding Solutions by Sömn Home

Designed in-house in the pacific northwest, our sustainable bedding is a guilt-free solution to help you sleep easy.

Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repair. As savvy lifestyle consumers, you know the sustainability lexicon of 2021. But there's so much more. The eco-landscape is rapidly changing. As a sustainable bedding company, we’ve got a finger on the pulse of the trends dominating 2021.

2020 was a challenging year overall, but environmentally it had its ups and downs. Hygiene requirements amidst a global pandemic spiked plastic use, but reduced human activity had many positive impacts. A drop in C02 levels meant that cities typically enveloped in a perma-smog saw blue skies for the first time in years. Threatened species saw record population booms. Finally, people had time to reconnect with nature--and appreciate what at stake.

All this doesn't mean the environmental crisis is over. In David Attenborough's witness statement--A Life on Our Planet--the lifelong environmentalist reminds us there is limited time to halt the destruction--or we could all be in a lot of trouble.

From embracing naturally-generated energy to cleaning up the oceans and reducing meat-consumption, Attenborough's solutions are complex and manifold, but the message is starting to stick.

The Shifting Consumerism Mindset

There's a lot at stake, and consumers are catching on. The factors that impact buying decisions are starting to change--and consumers are responding in kind.

Plant-Based Fibres

Plant-based fibers are one of the hottest eco-trends dominating 2021. It should be noted that not all plant-based fibers are eco-friendly, but innovative up-cycling and vegan materials are being used to create guilt-free products that leave no trace. In other words, these products break down easily and return to the earth easily post-use

Fast Fashion's Slowdown

Today’s consumers aren’t just savvy about what goes into their products--they're interested in the raw materials, how they're processed, and post-use lifecycles. In other words, the cost beyond the cost. It's no secret that fast fashion has been devastating for the environment, but growing awareness has given rise to brands like Vollebak, a company exploring how different tree barks can be harnessed to create clothes that are beautiful—and compostable with an end of life cycle of about three months.

Old Purposes, New Materials

As we phase out plastic, there’s more interest in materials that can replicate the functionality without the environmental baggage (literally). One of the biggest rising stars is seaweed. We’re starting to see seaweed as an ingredient in everything--from food to straws. It's even being engineered into woven fabrics for applications such as bedding and garments.

Moving Forward

Environmentalism seems to be taking hold in general. One-time fringe-y fads like toxin-free, organic, and sustainable are moving towards center stage. This is causing a ripple effect tangential industries. There are more regenerative farmers, organic bakers, and artisan craftsmen--and we couldn't be happier.

What We’re Doing

As a sustainable bedding company in Vancouver, wellness-obsessed home textiles have been our focus since launching in 2017. Our luxurious collection of sheets and towels are all sustainably sourced and designed right here in the Pacific Northwest. They’re also manufactured by global partners who pay excruciating attention to the smallest details. For example, our Imabari bath towels are crafted in Japan at a plant run on wind-generated electricity. Cool right?

What You Can Do

Are you looking for solutions to live more sustainably? There are lots of ideas. Here are ten quick tips to do right by the planet:

1) Round up any stray litter

2) Grow fresh organic food in your garden

3) Reduce consumption of meat & dairy

4) Look for used cars, fashion, and furniture

5) Patronize companies that care & offer transparency

6) Look for items that reduce post-consumer waste

7) Think before you spend

8) Calculate your carbon footprint

9) Turn off the taps

10) Champion businesses that are doing good

At Sömn, we believe sustainability starts at the heart of our home. It’s the little things we do that will have the greatest impact. So, take your reusable bags to the store, turn the shower off a couple of minutes sooner, and champion the changemakers. Together, we can do it. 

Happy Earth Month, from our family to yours.

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