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How Napping Boosts Your Overall Health

Go ahead and take that nap! You deserve it and your body needs it.

Did you know that napping, even as an adult, can help to boost your overall health? It’s not just for babies and toddlers anymore! In fact, when done correctly, taking a daily nap can help you recharge your batteries and actually give you a boost of energy. 

Today we’re going to look at why and how adults can use napping to boost your overall health

Health benefits of napping - Sleep Help Advice

We know that our bodies use sleep to regenerate and heal, so it’s no stretch to see the health benefits of a daily nap:

  • Helps you relax: Have you ever had one of those days where your schedule is so hectic you don’t even sit down for hours on end? Scheduling an afternoon snooze can act as a reminder to slow down and take a break. Laying down and doing some calming breathing exercises or meditation can help you slow down, even for a few minutes.
  • Reduces fatigue: Perhaps you stayed up too late last night or struggled to actually stay asleep? An afternoon nap time can help you recharge your batteries to reduce your tiredness so you can better function.
  • Increases alertness: A tired brain makes it difficult to perform your best and can cause brain fog and slow your reaction time. A nap that’s not too short or too long can actually increase your alertness levels.
  • Boosts your mood: If you’re feeling extra moody and cranky, it could mean you’re not getting the sleep your body is craving. A short nana-nap can give your brain the rest it needs so you can be happier and more productive! 

When you should nap

Napping JUST because a blog post or health guru told you to, may not be right for you. Many people see the most benefit from napping when they are unexpectedly tired (perhaps after a rough night’s sleep), when they are about to lose sleep (like before work a night shift or when they need to stay up late), or when they want to add daily naps part of their daily routine. If your tiredness is still a problem, even after adding short naps to your routine, consult your healthcare professional to see if there is a different underlying cause.

Tips for the BEST NAP EVER!

Many adults tend to stray away from napping because it makes them groggy or affects their sleep the next night. To help avoid the adverse effects of napping, here are our suggestions to get the most benefits from a great nap: 

  • Keep it short: 10-20 mins is the ideal length for a nap. Any longer and you fall into a deeper sleep that will make you groggy when you wake. 
  • Nap earlier: Early afternoon is the best time for naps. Naps after 3 pm could start to interfere with your sleep later that night. The best time to nap is dependent on many factors including your age, sleep requirements, medication use, and your sleeping schedule.  
  • Get comfy: Nap with your head down in a darkened, quiet place when possible. Making your napping spot comfy will help you relax quicker to get the rest you need. 

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