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High Thread Counts for Luxury Bedding: Is it a Sham?

When it comes to sweet dreams, good bed sheets are key. For determining quality, conventional wisdom states that higher thread counts equal better quality. But what does that mean? And is it even true?

What is Thread Count in Bed Sheets?

Before getting started, it’s probably helpful to understand what thread count means for bed sheets. Simply put, thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of the sheet. High thread counts are associated with sheets that are durable and long-lasting. Higher thread counts also deliver a tighter weave, which results in a smoother, more pleasingly tactile experience. In other words, high thread counts are considered a necessity for silky-soft bed sheets.

Conventional wisdom (or a quick internet search) will reveal that good bed sheets range can from anywhere between 200 to 800 for thread count. Occasionally, it may be possible to find counts over 1000. However, most consumer sites say these sheets aren’t worth the exorbitant price. The reason? Thread count isn’t the sole factor in determining quality—and in some cases, it doesn’t matter at all.

Where Thread Count…Counts

When it comes to luxury linen bedding, factors like fiber, quality, and weave are equally, if not more significant. In fact, thread counts that are too high restrict the flow of air. This causes sleepers to overheat and wake-up, something most of us have experienced.

According to Good Housekeeping, “top-rated bed sheets often have thread counts between 300 and 500.” However, the only time thread counts matter is when you’re talking about cotton sheets. Usually 100% cotton, singly ply weaves.

We’ve all heard our teachers talk about comparing apples to oranges. The same holds for luxury linen bedding. When it comes to sheeting that isn’t cotton: polyester, silk, flannel, knit blends, etc.—thread counts are a sham (pun intended). Many man-made polys and blends are purposely manufactured so the fibres are super thin. This allows the makers to artificially inflate the thread count, thereby increasing interest and buzz around the product. And while these sheets still have perks like wrinkle-resistance and durability, they aren’t top-rated sleep performers, mostly due to the aforementioned heat-trapping tendencies.

Natural linen has long been considered the most luxurious option for bedding, but the thread counts aren't measurable in any way that’s comparable to cotton. The pure, naturally sourced fibres used to create Sömn’s product line of luxury linen bedding are thick, thereby yielding a low thread count. However, unlike synthetic counterparts, linen sheets are inherently moisture-wicking and temperature regulating. Moreover, linen possesses a natural softness that becomes more prominent and pleasing with age.

The Go-to Choice for Luxury Linen Bedding  

It’s important to remember that not all linen sheets are equal. Some manufactures blend materials to control costs. Sömn Linens are created from 100% European crafted linen and feature an elegant stonewashed finish for a supple, durable beauty (no ironing required). Moreover, these sheets are crafted in heavier weights for equal measures of luxury and longevity.

Experience the luxury of ultra-breathable premium linen bedding. Sömn linens’ fall collection is now in the store. When it comes to a better sleep, we invite you to discover why sustainably harvested 100% linen sheets are the threads that really count.

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