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100% Natural Linen Bedding: The Coolest Bed Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Ready to be better in bed? No, not like that. We’re talking about your sheets. You may have noticed the weather is already heating up here in Vancouver. As a sustainable bedding company, we at Sömn Home have the secret to a sweat-free night—100% natural linen bedding.

For people who tend to be hot sleepers, experiencing a sweaty, sticky night is nothing new. Some people are just naturally hot. Yet, a good night's sleep provides the foundation for a productive day. So, you'll probably be happy to know there's an easy solution that offers instant relief.

We all make small adjustments to maintain optimal comfort as the seasons change. Perhaps your winter down duvet is already stashed in the closet. Maybe the AC has already been turned on. But what about your sheets? Ironically, the ones so often touted as the best can be among the worst if staying cool is your objective.

That’s right. Those 1500 thread count sheets are among the biggest offenders. Why? Thread count is a measurement used for cotton sheets. It refers to the number of threads per square inch. In other words, the silky, seamless texture created from threads tightly woven together prevents air from passing through. The hot air keeps circulating under the covers and sheets, leaving you with a bad case of night sweats.

Sheets that stay comfortably cool need to BREATHE. That means a loose weave (preferably on a fabric that's cool, crisp and smooth feel to the touch)! And so, we arrive at our material of choice—linen. 

Linen has been a summertime staple in the clothing industry for years, but it works beautifully for home textiles, too. To create luxury bedding that’s breathable in the summer, yet warm and cozy in winter, our 100% pure linen sheets are spun from pure premium European flax.

As a sustainable bedding company, there are lots of reasons we made linen our fabric of choice. This amazing natural fibre grows without the need for any herbicides or pesticides. It is completely biodegradable and a great renewable resource. From hypoallergenic, temperature regulating to self-cleansing properties, our 100% natural linen bedding supports a healthier, happier life.

Benefits of 100% Natural Linen Bedding

Natural linen possesses many characteristics that distinguish it as the most comfortable bedding option for the sweaty summer sleeper:

  • Hypoallergenic – great for sensitive skin
  • Moisture-wicking – promotes a cool, dry feeling
  • Temperature Regulating – breathable in summer and warm in winter
  • Antibacterial – linen stays fresher—longer
  • Softness – wear and tear softens and beatifies
  • Anti-static – linen is not susceptible to static cling
  • Fast-drying – wash, dry, and re-spread your bed

Not all linens are the same

It’s clear at this point that we think linen sheets are one of the best ways to avoid waking up in a sweat and throwing your sleep cycle. But remember to read the fine print before running out to invest. 

Not all linen sheets are crafted from 100% pure premium European grown natural linen. Some textile companies blend their linen with other (cheaper or synthetic) fibres and process their fabrics with harmful chemicals. Our premium traceable linens are low impact and woven from 100% pure natural linen made for Sömn. Manufactured by European artisans and stonewashed for superb beauty and comfort, these sheets are superior sleepers, right out of the packaging (which also supports our sustainability mission, by the way).

For authentic, eco-friendly linen bedding that will keep you more cool and comfy, our sumptuous 100% pure natural linen sheets are the go-to choice. Ready to invest in your wellness? We invite you to experience the luxury linen collection from Sömn Home

Happy Summer!

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