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Fall-Winter Home Trends of 2021

There’s a chill in the air. It seems winter is already on the way. Fall is a cozy time—sweaters, mufflers. It’s the season for everything warm and wonderful—and your home is no exception. This is the ideal time to feather your nest, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will see you through the winter.

As a company that creates wellness-obsessed textiles, specifically our sustainable linen bedding and eco-friendly cotton and bamboo towels, home fashion trends are where we live. In 2021 muted warm neutral tones and materials like clay, natural wicker, rattan, bamboo, bark, jute, linen, hemp, oak, glass, stone finishes are still there in the background—but jazzed up with accessories and décor in all kinds of playful, vibrant hues—red, blue, yellow, fuchsia, violet.

A new sense of home style

A sense of adventure and exploration has taken hold, perhaps as a result of the new normal. We have all learned resilience—that we have the capacity to cope with things we never imagined. But perhaps most significantly, we learned to look within ourselves to find happiness. And we’re seeing all this reflected in design trends. That aforementioned sense of normal—including what conventional home design is supposed to look like—is gone. People feel more comfortable seeking out and indulging in designs that represent facets of their personality and make them truly happy. It’s an exploratory, transitional phase that has been immensely freeing.

There’s been a movement to reboot, refresh, and revive as many of us seek to combine our family and work-life within the confines of our home. Investing in the spaces inside and around our home has become the norm.

It’s about feeling better

Part of dealing with Covid-related stress has been an upswing in all trends related to health and wellness. In the quest to create soothing personal and professional spaces that represent ourselves, we’re seeing trends where people are playing up their heritage, creating a colourful juxtaposition between items of cultural identity, mixed with urban and natural elements that imbue spaces with a sense of calm and fun. From essential oil diffusers to natural fabrics like linen and cotton, people aren’t just looking for what looks good—but also what FEELS good. 

It’s only natural

Nature has unquestionably become the superstar theme of home design in 2021—and it’s no wonder. As more of us look for alternatives to exercise and socialize safely, there’s been an upswing in outdoor living, nature walks, water sports and adventures. Anything closer to nature/water has been #1 this summer. And this newfound attachment to Mother Nature has made integrating elements of the outdoors a natural fit for inside the home. This could mean reclaimed wood furniture, more planets/greenery, or even an earthy colour palette, like our sustainable linen bedding in mineral green, which has reigned as our top-selling colour its 2021 spring release


Another COVID-related home trend is thrifting. The pandemic allowed many of us to learn new skills. Buying and refurbishing beautiful second-hand finds to create an eclectic mix of old and new is a trend we love—because it’s great for the environment. Create beauty and balance with wallet-friendly alternatives for spaces that are truly personalized.

Going Forward

None of us expected to negotiate a pandemic, but there are positives to take away. It nurtured gratitude for small things, taught us to slow down, and gave us time to share with family and friends. We’ve gained the knowledge and strength to revel in our own personalities, creating personalized spaces where we can use colour dramatically and freely for homes that are relaxing and joyful—but most importantly an authentic reflection of who we are.

We hope you've enjoyed this trend related post at Sömn Home journal. Have a wonderful Fall-Winter season, everyone!

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