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An Interior Designer’s View: Meet Chad & Kelly from Falken Reynolds Interiors

Founded in 2012, Falken Reynolds Interiors is a Vancouver-based interior design practice. The firm's portfolio centres around private homes and extends into retail and hospitality.

"Clean lines, craftsmanship and considered details are our hallmarks. We design environments to exude quiet confidence; a feeling achieved through a balance of seemingly disparate qualities—modernity and warmth, richness and restraint, sophistication and levity, intentionality and surprise." 

With a global perspective and a highly personal approach, the design team builds each project through the discovery of their client's distinct narrative. 

Sömn is thrilled to share our interview with Chad Falkenberg & Kelly Reynolds, Principles of Falken Reynolds. Taking an inside look at this meticulous Canadian interior designer duo's home, or more specifically, their 'bedroom'. Learning more about who they are, how they pair Sömn linen sheets, and what sustainable materials they recommend incorporating into our homes in 2021.

We hope you'll enjoy the read!


Tell us a little about yourself and your background in becoming an interior designer?

"When we were kids we both loved building things – Chad loved using the simple Lego blocks to create houses and the CN Tower while Kelly used Construx to build skyscapers. After pursuing other careers – Kelly in the Canadian Navy and Vancouver Police Department among other things, and Chad as a marketing professional – we both decided to make a big shift and start studying design. Chad moved to Barcelona to start design school and Kelly started studying in Vancouver. We met in 2006 and by 2012 we had started Falken Reynolds."

How would your clients describe Falken Reynolds? 

"At the beginning of the process our clients respond so well to our open-minded and open-ended approach and the inquisitive nature of learning about their lives so we can create a home that responds to them and supports their lifestyle. Then, as we dig into the details, our clients are intrigued by just how many decisions need to be made along the way – some love digging into the details with us while others prefer us to do a lot of the heavy lifting. We love hearing from clients after they have lived in their homes and discover some of the details that make unique or more comfortable." 

One thing that separates your firm from others?

"Our international approach. Since both Kelly & I spent so many years working and travelling internationally we know there are so many different approaches to designing a home. Culture and values play a huge role, and we know that just like every region of the world has its own way of doing things, so does each client and family. We draw on all our varied experiences to solve design problems in a unique way for each client." 

Has the pandemic influenced your role as interior designers?

"I think our role is the same – helping people by creating a beautiful and functional home." 

How has the pandemic reshaped the way you approach residential design?

"All of our priorities - of what is important in our homes - has shifted this year. Comfort, adaptability, functionality, warmth, coziness are all things we find we are focussing on more to help past and current clients make adjustments to the amount of time we have all been spending at home."

What are some of the best sustainable materials that one can easily incorporate into their homes?

"We look for natural and long lasting as we curate materials and products to create homes. Fabrics that are 100% natural like linen, cotton, wool, are all top of our list." 

What are some of the bedroom trends in 2021 that you see?

"The trend for so many things in our homes is more layering and tactile, and the use of more colour. We love the warmth from mixing different colours with sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases." 

What do you love about Sömn and why?

"We know and trust the products are made well and in responsible ways. I lived and worked in Lithuania for seven years and absolutely love the how the culture respects the tradition of growing and weaving linen. And we’ve been to Japan a number of times and have so much admiration for the culture of producing such high quality."

One random interesting fact that we don't know about you?

"I think a lot of people know that we’re both active and love being outdoors. But few know that Kelly worked his way up to doing an Ironman and I won world championships showing American Quarter Horses."

What kinds of projects are you looking forward to in 2021? 

"We have some really great homes throughout British Columbia that we’re working on this year as well vacation homes in Hawaii, Mexico and even Nova Scotia."


Photos: Falken Reynolds Interiors

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