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Super soft

Sömn’s textiles are owner-tested and customer-adored. We’ve been told that slipping between the sheets feels like sinking into a cloud, and that our towels feel like wrapping yourself in a pile of marshmallows. No scratch, no itch, just bliss.


Across Sömn’s sourcing and supply chain, we work with low-impact producers and certified partners to establish regenerative production practices. As we craft your linen bedding, we consciously choose to spin, dye, weave, sew, and finish the bulk of our textiles in one facility to minimize our carbon footprint. 


Bedding is personal, but don’t sweat it – Sömn’s sheets are sure to please even the most particular sleepers. We understand that choosing the right bedding may involve input from other members of the family, but our “husband-approved” linens make the decision easy for everyone. 


Our linen fibers grow without the need for any harsh chemicals, and we weave our linen from 100% pure European flax, long staple yarns through a low-impact process without harmful colourants or synthetic fibers. Linen is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

Quality that gives back

We make our environmental commitment tangible even beyond our products. We participate in Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, where our contributions fuel partners’ efforts to reduce and offset transportation emissions, plant and restore forests, increase soil health, remove carbon from our air, and so much more. 



Sömn’s linen bedding is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, soft to the touch, and anti-static. Our certified non-toxic REACH and OEKO-TEX textiles like 100% pure natural linen and 100% organic cotton towels are safe for the planet and your skin. How’s that for a truly peaceful sleep?

100% natural linen

Our linen bedding is made from 100% premium European flax, long staple yarns through a low-impact process for a purely luxe feel. Grown and processed without harsh chemicals or synthetic fibers, nothing about our textiles will rub you the wrong way. 


Mindfully designed

Our mindful designs are “thoughtful in every way”, from the choice of colour, material, buttons, and ties to the overall functionality and finishing details. At Sömn, design and detail culminate in a stunning collection of textiles that are handsome, timeless, and genuinely wonderful to use.

Carefully crafted

Sömn’s linen is fabricated in some of the oldest mills in Europe, known for their textile heritage. Every thread represents a piece of European craftsmanship, as we weave custom-dyed yarn into superior medium-weight linens that are ready to be well-loved. Combined with our heirloom-quality sewing and finishing details, you feel the difference every time you slip between the sheets. 

Easy to care for

Whether you’re making the bed or curling up in it, Sömn’s linens are easy to love. Our machine-washable, no-iron necessary, all-season fabrics offer you more luxury with less upkeep, while limiting their impact on the environment. You can easily wash, dry, and enjoy your sheets on the same day. 

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