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Tips to Love Your Linen When Shopping Online

As an online bedding store, we wanted to share some guidelines to ensure your purchases fit your expectations

What does it take to create a restful sleep space? You may have already considered colour, texture, warmth, and design. However, as an online bedding store, we know there’s one subtle detail that makes all the difference— the fit.

Yes, size matters, especially for duvets and fitted sheets. Choosing between king, queen, and twin formats seems like a no-brainer, but it is a bit more complicated. Bedding and linens today come from factories all across the globe. Yet, no universal standard for mattress sizing exists. Queen size in North America can be quite different in Europe. In other words, factories all follow slightly different mattress size variations.

A Poor Fit Can Undermine Rest

When bedding doesn’t fit, it can be tempting to try and make do. Smaller sizes get stretched, and a few judicious tucks usually do the trick for plus sizes. Often, it’s workable, but there are more than aesthetics at stake. Pulling, bunching, tangling—a corner that snaps off in the night. If you have ever woken up too cold or hot because your duvet has bunched and shifted in its cover, then you already know—poorly fitted bedding disrupts rest.

Sizing Up Your Mattress

So, how exactly is bedding supposed to fit? Making a bed should never feel like a tug-of-war. While mattress sizes vary, there are a few simple guidelines that can help you achieve that sophisticated designer-like style, even when shopping online.

The first rule—forget about kings and queens. Get out your tape measure and write down the exact length and width of your mattress. If you have an extra high pillow top or use a super-luxe topper, add a little extra space to the dimensions. 

For Duvets that Delight

When shopping for a duvet insert online or off, the rule of thumb is at least 12” / 30cm longer and 16” / 41cm wider than the mattress. However, don’t be afraid to think big, especially if your partner is a blanket thief. Go one size up if you don’t have time to measure to ensure full coverage.

Once you have the perfect duvet, it is time to have fun with design, colour and texture. That's right--now you get to pick out the cover. Generally, the duvet cover should remain within two to three inches of the inset size, give or take. A fuller insert will result in a thicker, fluffier fit while smaller ones look and feel more streamlined.

A Made-to-Measure Look

At Sömn Home, we created our line of linen duvet covers with deep intention. Besides the refined feel of stonewashed European linen, our design includes thoughtful details like envelope closures, hidden buttons, and inner ties to keep everything in place. We even put together this convenient size guide to achieve the best fit. 

For discerning clients after that made-to-measure feeling, these covers pair seamlessly with our heirloom-quality Luxury Down Duvet. Combine the two and level up comfort with a statement piece greater and more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

Exercising Sheet Smarts

When it comes to fitted sheets, many of the same rules apply. A well-fitted sheet works with the specific dimensions of your mattress, gliding over all four corners with 2-3” / 5-8cm to spare. Realistically, it can be hard to achieve a perfect with so many mattress variations. The goal is to get as close as possible, but a little bit of extra fabric is no problem and will usually stay in place as long as the sheet is properly tailored.

As an online bedding store headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we considered every single step when crafting our wellness-centric sheets. For example, we engineered our sheets with two more inches of depth for greater flexibility when fitting tall mattresses. Extra tailoring and stretch at the pockets snugly secure sheet to mattress for smooth stretches of uninterrupted sleep. From raw materials to finishing details, Sömn’s outstanding brand benefits include:

  • a stonewashed finish for to-the-touch softness
  • an inspired range of poetic hues, including cloud grey, wisteria, lemon, and mineral green
  • hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulating natural fabric crafted from 100% European linen—no fillers
  • a non-toxic, low-impact manufacturing process that is gentle on the planet
  • machine washable, fast-drying, no-iron upkeep

There’s No Place Like Sömn

As a sustainability-oriented team, we set out to make the best products for you—and the planet. For work, rest, and play, our goals now and moving forward is to create the 

wellness-obsessed home textiles that truly fit your lifestyle. 

We invite you to experience Sömn in our Gastown showroom. Set up an appointment or explore our online bedding store.

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