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Sustainable Bedding: 5 Factors to Consider Before Getting Between the Sheets

Dreaming of a good night’s sleep? Its importance is indisputable—we feel, look, and perform better. Of course, getting it is another matter. As makers of stylish and sustainable linen bedding, we at Sömn Home believe a better rest starts with the right bedroom partner—a soft, sumptuous set of sheets.

As the part of the bed most in contact with the skin, our sheets play a significant role in determining whether we’ll snooze peacefully or toss and turn the night away. Keep in mind there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We believe the best bedding is lovingly made and easy on the eyes. While individual preferences will determine what ultimately ends up in the shopping basket, we pulled together a list of considerations to help narrow the search.


When it comes to sheets, there are many fabric choices available: cotton, bamboo, polyester, microfibre, silk, linen—the list goes on. Before committing, take some time to consider what feels good on the skin: is it the smooth, buttery touch of hotel-style Egyptian cotton--or the soft, lived-in luxury of high-end linen? Just remember—most sleep experts advise natural fibres are better for helping the body to self-regulate temperature, which contributes significantly to a restful, uninterrupted night.


Today, a somewhat suspicious number of sheets promise premium quality, but woke sleepers know it’s not all about thread count. Consider what counts as luxury—is it the fabric, softness, or construction? For us, it's all of the above, plus well thought out design details: added height to accommodate thick mattresses, well-tailored elastic corners that prevent bunching, and envelope pillowcases that tuck away scratchy zippers and puffy pillow fills. It's fair to expect premium details for a premium price.


For longevity, manufacturing is every bit as important as design and fabric. Why? Some manufacturers cut corners to save costs. This might mean blending quality fibres with cheaper ones—or using heavy, chemical-ridden dyes. There are even finishing treatments that make products look and feel more beautiful, temporarily. Many of these chemicals can be harsh—bad for sensitive skin and worse for the planet. Our carefully chosen international manufacturing partners follow sustainable practices, ensuring our sustainable linen sheets are everything our discerning clientele wants—and none of what they don’t. 


Before manufacturing even begins, raw materials need to be sourced. This is another area where it pays to be aware because even natural fibres like non-organic cotton can be treated with toxic synthetic herbicides and pesticides—the last thing we want to snuggle into. Look for brands that work with organic regenerative growers and certified partners. It's a responsible approach that doesn’t just mean sleeping better—but feeling better!


Given what we've already discussed, colour and style aren’t the biggest considerations but finding sheets that jive with your style is always a nice bonus. Before shopping, consider the aesthetics of a space: is it best suited to a smooth, crisp percale—or is it more cottage boho core, vibing to a relaxed linen that never needs ironing? Consider how to use fabric, colour, and texture to create a relaxing sleep sanctuary where everyday stresses can be left at the door.

For Better Bedroom Performance

We hope this article has been eye-opening. Since launching in 2017, our consistent goal has been making homes as relaxed and peaceful as possible. As an online bedding store, Somn's stylish linen sheets are harvested from premium quality flax and manufactured by global partners who follow sustainable practices. We invite you to discover how design and detail culminate in our stunning collection of bedroom linens that are handsome, durable, and genuinely wonderful to use. At Sömn Home, better sleep is just a click away.

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