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Sustainable and Natural: Why Linen Bedding Gets the Green Light Over Cotton

As we roll into the Earth Day weekend, more than a billion people around the globe are preparing to celebrate. Many activities revolve around education—what can be done to prevent deforestation and the destruction of the planet? Through small efforts like carrying our own shopping bags and picking up litter, we can create a more sustainable and beautiful world. As consumers, we always have the power to drive change, especially when we’re informed. A lot of what seems sustainable isn’t. Like when it comes to sustainable bedding, linen beats cotton hands down.

It’s almost counterintuitive. Both are natural materials. However, in view of climate change and resource conservation, natural doesn’t always equal sustainable. As bedding makers, we choose to work with 100% European linen. As a finished product, it’s an elegant, finely crafted material that pairs well in modern and traditional settings, especially when paired with timeless, minimal designs that drive functionality. 

Sömn linens are long-lived, stone-washed for softness. Brought to life by European growers and manufacturers who live up to discerning standards. Fairness and traceability are woven into our very fibre for linen bedding of unsurpassed beauty. 

Cotton shares several properties with linen—it’s an all-natural fibre that’s washable, breathable, and absorbent. However, demand has resulted in a volume-driven industry often using environmentally destructive pesticides and fertilizers. Even organic cotton requires tremendous amounts of water, rendering it less sustainable than linen. With innovation and care, pure cotton has the potential to be sustainable and biodegradable, but the industry has yet to realize these benefits.

First-class design has always been sustainable. Through ethically-sourced, small-batch production, carefully selected partner manufacturers, and in-house design that prioritizes design details, we put you and the planet first. As we craft your linen bedding, we spin, dye, weave, sew, and finish our linen bedding textiles in one facility, thereby reducing our carbon footprint 

As part of our high-quality, resource-saving linen bedding collection, we are proud to debut two new colours to our Spring/Summer Collection—Sand and Ocean Teal.

Inspired by the tranquil earth and water of the West Coast, these colours invoke the colours of nature to soothe and refresh the spirit. Perfect for the refreshing summery scheme or an out-of-town hideaway, these colours bring serenity and rejuvenation to the bedroom sanctuary, providing an atmosphere for relaxation and escapism—if only for a while.

As an annual event, Earth Day serves as a reminder that there’s always an unspoken cost to purchasing decisions. It’s one of the reasons so many consumers today are prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly home design. This growing trend is driving innovation from manufacturers striving to go one step further with a wholly sustainable production cycle. We’ve designed our Sömn linen bedding for longevity—to get softer and more beautiful with use. When our heirloom quality linens finally reach end-of-life, the nature of our pure flax means they break down completely, bringing the full cycle to an elegant close.

We believe sustainability is a huge opportunity to drive positive change. As a destination for luxury linens, lovingly made, we continue to innovate and lead—to find ways to make sleep more restful and sustainable through practical, minimalist homewares that are ethically sourced, mindfully designed, and just plain good-looking.

Happy Earth Day.

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