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Reimagining the Eco Bath Towel – Imabari Inspiration

Say good-bye to your old perception of "green" bath linens. The new eco-friendly bath towels feel as luxurious as they look. As advocates of mindful living, we at Sömn Home saw an opportunity to create truly exceptional bathroom textiles—ones that didn’t compromise on price, comfort, or ethics. And so, our new Eco Bath Towel collection was born.

In 2020, we kicked off the new line with two new products—the ultra-Plush Eco Cotton Towel and the silky-smooth Eco Cotton Bamboo Towels. Both textiles are manufactured in Japan by a certified Imabari towel manufacturer. But why Japan? What makes these towels different? And what does Imabari even mean?

A Town of Towel Sommeliers - Made in Japan

In case you’re wondering, Imabari is a city in Japan. Located in the Ehime prefecture, it has been a mecca for towel production for over a century. Today, the prefecture boasts nearly 200 factories where cotton is meticulously twisted, spun, dyed, and woven into the towels that have earned a global reputation for their luxurious beauty, high absorbency, and supreme softness.

Part of the secret behind these gorgeous textiles lies in the environment. Imabari's water comes from an underground spring, fed by the Sojagawa river. As a soft water source with few impurities, this water naturally brings out the natural softness of the cotton as well as enhancing the beauty and vibrancy of the dyes.

The 5 Second Rule

It’s important to note that not every towel manufactured in Imabari is an Imbari towel. Genuine Imabari towels have to meet strict standards. One of the most interesting is the five-second rule where a drop of water is placed on the towel. If the droplet is not absorbed in 5-seconds, the towel does not pass for high absorbency, one of the key characteristics of an Imabari towel. Only a manufacturer that passes this test (and several others) will qualify as a certified Imabari towel producer.

DYE-ing to do Better

For those of you looking for high-quality towels that are baby-safe and fade-resistant, Sömn Home has opted for reactive dyes that are free of heavy metals. The final dyeing process for our Eco Bath Towel Collection takes place in Saijo City, Ehime, the spring water capital of Japan. Residual dye is carefully and thoroughly rinsed away, and wastewater is then treated thoroughly with bacteria at facilities that pass Seto Inland Sea wastewater criteria—the strictest in the world. 

Better Choices, Better Products

As part of our commitment to bring you the very best wellness obsessed home textiles, all the cotton used in the Sömn Eco Bath Towel Collection is cultivated through the bioRe Project, which adheres to five strict principles

1. Organic Farming
Promoting well managed organic non-GMO farming methods.
2. Fairness
Paying a premium and providing dignified conditions for workers in disadvantaged communities.
3. Ecology
Eliminating substances (agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers) that are harmful to the environment.
4. Transparency
Commitment to full traceability through the whole manufacturing process.
5. Innovation
Promoting environmental protection and reduction in CO2 emissions through the use of biogas and other means.

From start to finish, Sömn Home has chosen processes that reduce environmental impacts and increase social awareness while manufacturing products of unparalleled beauty and quality for you, our engaged and discerning clientele.

Imabari Towels by Sömn Home 

Come experience the luxury. All the towels in our new Eco Bath Towel Collection are elegant in design, practical in use, and effortless in elegance. You can also choose between two distinct finishes—fluffy and silky. 

The ultra-Plush Eco Cotton Towel lives up to its name, offering a thick, luxurious pile that doesn’t compromise on softness.

In contrast, the ultra-smooth Eco Cotton Bamboo Towel is lightweight and fast-drying, offering a silky smooth experience that gently, yet effectively whisks away water from your skin and hair. 

Both products come in three sizes:

Bath Towel - 28.5” x 57” (72x145cm)
Hand Towel - 14” x 31” (35x80cm)
Wash Cloth - 14” x 14” (35x35cm) 

As an idea conceptualized by Sömn Home in the pacific northwest and then produced by our carefully chosen global partner, the Imbari towel is a product that has captured global fascination. We are pleased to bring you these ground-breaking bath linens as part of our Eco Bath Towel Collection.

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