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Personalize Your Transition: Five Tips for a Better Sleep Routine

As makers of super luxurious and sustainable bedding, sleep is kind of our thing. But getting a good night's sleep isn’t always easy. According to Dreams’ UK Sleep Survey, 63.1% of people feel like they don’t get enough sleep. As a vital tool for physical and mental well-being, we've created a list of tips to help you personalize your routine for a better rest.

A bedtime routine, or transitional time, is a pre-bedtime sequence that signals it is time to get ready to sleep. Built around your rhythms and needs--an effective routine is personal. It can be as simple as no coffee after 5 pm or a pre-bedtime brush and bath. Consider integrating these for a more effective bedtime routine.

5) Keep your journal handy

For chronic worriers, sleep is always a struggle. Did you tick off all those boxes? What's happening tomorrow? Those thoughts bouncing around can make restful sleep a challenge. If your mind is in overdrive, grab your journal and jot down your thoughts. That way they're on paper--not on your mind.

4) Stretch and sleep

At your desk or on your feet for eight hours? A tense, achy body doesn't make for a good sleep partner. When a nighttime soak can't cut it (and a massage isn't an option), a 15-minute stretch and breathing routine can be a lifesaver. If you don’t have a routine--try this. Lie in your bed on your back and get comfortable. Do a full-body clench for about five seconds. Then relax and breathe deeply for 10 seconds. Repeat three times for relaxation bliss.

 3) Sip some sleepy time tea

You’ve probably seen a range of sleepy time teas at your local supermarket. These work on two fronts: they're full of herbs to help you relax, and the warm water works to keep you hydrated. Three of our favorites to try are lavender, chamomile, and mint.

2) It’s essential

Fragrance is fundamental in the art of relaxation. To experience a sweeter, deeper sleep, try one of our favorite tricks. Start by washing your sustainable linen bedding sheets. Wait till they're almost dry before making the bed. Crumble a little fresh lavender over your sheets and then iron on a low setting for next-level refreshing. Alternately, add a little lavender to a diffuser or spritz your sheets with some essence--but make sure to splurge on the real stuff.

1) Create a relaxation sanctuary

Intention counts. Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary--it’s not for eating or working. Pay attention to what makes you feel happy and relaxed. Even small touches like the color of your sheets can subtly alter the feeling of your room. And, of course, we recommend our luxurious sustainable linen sheet collection to keep your bed cool and ventilated for an uninterrupted state of sleepy bliss.

The takeaway

A good night’s sleep leads to a more productive workday and better emotional balance. Customizing your bedtime routine can improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep. Consider tweaking your routine, so it's seasonally appropriate. For example, in summer, swap a hot bath for a cool shower. Maybe you'll replace the tea with a tall glass of chilled water and a slice of lemon. It's up to you. Try using these five tips to personalize your sleep routine and turn bedtime into the restorative escape it was always meant to be.


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