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Personalize the Bedroom with Mix and Match Linen Bedding Sets

Demand for customizable products has grown. Even during a recession, when we try to count our pennies, there's still a demand for interior design that reflects our unique tastes and perspectives. 

Today, more than ever, equal weight is placed on quality, lifestyle, and price. As makers of small-batch luxurious linen bedding, one way we answer this is through mix-and-match linen bedding sets that give homeowners a chance to save as they personalize bedding in a spectrum of complementary hues inspired by nature.

Here in the bohemian world of the modern bedroom, everything is thrown together. The effect is effortless yet harmonious—a mish-mosh of unique pieces, like an heirloom dresser paired with a flea-market mirror. The sensibilities are different, yet somehow, they flow. Sömn's luxury linen sheet sets offer the same flexibility. People can mix and match colours to capture different feelings and styles. Maybe it's stunning Cinnamon with understated Oatmeal pillowcases—or sheets in romantic shades of pink punctuated by pristine Off-White pillowcases. Whatever the mix, the airy, textured weave subtly nods to the European heritage, uniting each piece.  

These linens are incredibly charming when matched with solid wood or upholstered headboards. Alongside well-loved books and vases of fresh flowers, the soft look of linen is an invitation to unwind—to daydream and linger. With creative consultants like Julie Pointer Adams championing linen sheets, it's the ideal material for capturing the authenticity and aesthetic of the modern-day homeowner.

All Sömn sheets are crafted from 100% flax. This hardy material is sustainable while establishing a link to the natural world—two leading interior design trends. With a stonewash finish, our linen is soft to the touch. It’s reminiscent of a time when textiles and cloths were hand-crafted in artisanal workshops by workers who created perfectly imperfect items steeped in craft and tradition. 

As a sustainability-oriented team, responsibility and transparency are pivotal in our product cycles. We produce our linens in Europe, which leads to linen craftsmanship and fair working conditions. For our carefully chosen partners, linen is never mass-produced. Every piece is considered natural, original, and sustainable. 

As sustainability and fair production standards rise, we believe these must also be met by the desire for beauty and value. We invite you to see how we’re making personalized home design more accessible through linen bedding and textiles that effortlessly capture the essence of contemporary home design, with pieces imbued with character and quality created to reflect the growing desire for resource conservation, individuality, and value. 

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