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Meeting Sustainability Expectations in 2024

Since launching, our primary focus at Sömn Home has been to produce sustainable premium linen bedding at a reasonable price. In recent years, sustainability has evolved from a trend to a must-have. Consumers have a new mindset when it comes to shopping. Creating a beautiful product isn't enough; people want to understand how it's made. Expectations around sustainability have changed, and as a responsible producer, we continually strive to meet them.

The switch is understandable. We live in a world of climate change, economic disparity, oceans of plastic, and species extinction. The list of challenges is long and ever-present. Self-information has been the way forward for many, and consumers are increasingly suspect of companies that don't substantiate their claims.

We know that with care for what we put into our bodies and bring into our homes, we can support planet-friendly practices and collectively work to create a more sustainable future. At Sömn, our long-term goal—beyond building one of the best sustainable bedding brands—has been to make being eco-friendly a more effortless, enjoyable process. From how materials are harvested and produced to how products are designed and shipped, we strive to minimize impact at every stage while offering discerning consumers the finest, most luxurious home textiles.

As a team, we have embraced a three-pillar approach to sustainability: environment, society, and economy.  

Environmental sustainability requires a responsible approach to using water, energy, and finite raw materials—in other words, resource conservation. Social sustainability means ensuring everyone contributing to our products benefits from fair working conditions and wages. Finally, economic sustainability means a fair and responsible business model, with reinvestments to make our processes even better.

We believe consumer behaviour will continue to evolve. A survey by Statista in February 2021 found one-third of respondents consider social and environmental efforts when making a purchase. Furthermore, the trend is growing. A more recent study found that nearly 51 percent of those surveyed believe making informed buying choices plays a role in combatting climate change. The relationship with shopping has changed. Beyond meeting personal needs, it's a way to fulfill social responsibility. More consumers are looking for household products made from new renewable raw materials like linen, cotton, etc. There is a growing effort to buy less in favour of high-quality, durable products that are gentle on the environment.

Even so, it can be hard to gauge how green a product really is. Recognized third-party sustainability seals like OEKO-TEX are an easy reference consumers recognize. Our certified, non-toxic traceable OEKO-TEX textiles, like 100% pure natural linen and 100% organic cotton, are safe for the planet and your skin. Beyond the fibres we source and use, we consider the entire lifecycle of a product with an emphasis on reducing agricultural pollution. 

Today, sustainability is more than a trend. It's become the default mindset of a buying public concerned about our future. Business leaders who claim to offer eco-friendly products should be prepared to communicate their efforts openly and transparently.

At Sömn, we're committed to full traceability throughout manufacturing. Even our eco-friendly packaging (tissues, tapes, stickers, and stuffing) is made from recycled, recyclable, sustainable, or biodegradable materials. Moreover, we reinvest in initiatives to support the environment. For example, we participate in Shopify's Sustainability Fund, where our contributions fuel partners' efforts to reduce and offset transportation emissions, plant and restore forests, increase soil health, remove carbon from our air, and so much more. 

By shopping Sömn, you can relax with sustainable bedding and homewares that help create a cleaner, greener future for us all with products that are gentle on the planet and easy on the eyes. Take a look at our linen bedding collection and discover how we’re meeting the expectations of a sustainable company in 2024.

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