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Creating Luxury Linen Bedding: A Matter of Design + Detail

Sömn Home Bedding Design + Detail

Bedtime is an escape. Our beds are our sanctuaries, a place of retreat and rest. If we’re lucky, there may be the rare lucky occasion where we’re left to lounge in bed and simply BE. No doubt— bed is pretty great. But what if it could be even BETTER? That’s what we thought when we created our luxury linen bedding at Sömn Home.

Gorgeous bed sheets aren’t just for high-end bed n’ brekkies. After a hard day, treat yourself to the sensation of falling into 100% pure flax-spun linen bed sheets, grown without any herbicides or pesticides (aka sustainably made).

Being cozily enveloped in swathes of linen is an everyday luxury that can be enjoyed right in the comfort of your own home. But what exactly qualifies as luxury bedding? Is it the fabric, softness, quality, design…or something else?

The answer is YES—all of the above (and then some). As makers of sustainably made luxury bed linens, we at Sömn Home have a passion for well-designed products. We know the best linens aren’t just wonderful sleep partners. They should also be easy on the eyes and lovingly made. After all, luxury products are an investment in your happiness. 

Because our goal at Sömn Home is to make your home as relaxing and peaceful as possible, every piece, from our linens to bath towels, is carefully considered. From the choice of the raw materials to the finishing touches--no detail is overlooked. And it's this obsessive level of compulsive care that distinguishes Sömn Home from the other guys (the ones who just don't care as much).

For Luxury, For Life

Our savvy consumers already know our products are made from sustainably harvested premium quality flax, manufactured by global partners who follow earth-friendly practices. For example, our towel collection is made in a Japanese plant that runs on electricity generated by wind turbines.

As large squares of fabric, we get that sheets can seem kind of basic, but the truth is they vary in lots of subtle ways. Our goal in designing the next generation of luxury bed linens was to make sleep a more beautiful, restful experience. These sheets are easy-breezy bedroom partners (with lots of staying power). Here's what sets them apart:

  • Interior fasteners – securely anchor your duvet from all four corners, for a more comfy, hassle-free sleep
  • Extra height - comfortably accommodates minor variations in mattress sizes for fitted sheets (without getting baggy)
  • Corner Elastic fitted sheets - make it easier to fit our sheets
  • Generously sized king and queen flat sheets can work on either bed size and alternate as a fitted sheet when required.
  • 8” envelope-style pillowcases keep pillows snug and secure
  • Pre-shrinking treatment ensures our linens fit after washing

Nothing beats the unbeatably crisp feeling of waiting up absolutely refreshed, wrapped in high-end linens. Our natural linen fabric is stone-washed for a tousled, lived-in effect that keeps getting better with age. There's no scratchiness or stiffness. And a balanced 175g weight has resulted in a product that's cozy in winter and cooling in summer.

It’s also worth noting that linen possesses distinct benefits—like naturally maintaining a neutral pH balance and anti-allergic properties. These make our luxury bed linens a go-to for skin-sensitive sleepers and great for infants, too!

With a small-batch production process, every sheet at Sömn Home is unique and possesses a stunning boho vibe that effortlessly elevates any sleep space. However, what truly distinguishes our sheets as LUXURY is well—everything. Design and detail culminate in a stunning collection of bedroom linens that are handsome, durable, and genuinely wonderful to use. We hope you’ll love them.

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