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An Interior Designer’s View: Meet Sophie from Sophie Burke Design

Sophie Burke Design (SBD) is an award winning Vancouver based full-service interior design firm. 

Sophie, the Principle at SBD, grew up in a Vancouver home where creativity was always front and center. Her interest in design started from an early age– "When I was young, I can remember thinking about how I would decorate my first apartment and what style I wanted it to be.” 

After finishing her undergrad at UBC, Sophie moved to England to pursue her study of Interior Design. “I stayed on afterward, working at Conran and Partners for three years in London. When I returned to Vancouver in 2004, I launched Sophie Burke Design.”

Today, Sophie Burke Design is known for its style of subtle sophistication, the layering of modern and traditional elements resulting in warm, inviting spaces. “We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach.” If you ever get a chance to see any of her projects firsthand, you’ll understand that the SBD team is involved in their projects from start to finish, with very strong attention to detail throughout the process.

We’ve asked Sophie to share her views on how the current time has influenced the purpose of our homes and to provide some of her top bedroom and design tips for the season. Here is her interview:

How has the pandemic reshaped people's habits at home? 

“Home offices and home gyms are top of mind for everyone. People are spending more time in their homes and so they’re interested in investing in the spaces they’re using, which is leading to light renovations or refreshed furniture. People are really viewing their homes as a sanctuary now, wanting to create spaces that are serene and calm.

How has the pandemic impacted your role as an interior designer?

“While we do have the ability to work remotely, so much of what we do as designers are tangible. The biggest adjustments for us have been virtual site visits and the reduction of in-person meetings. As such, we are sending physical samples back and forth between the team and clients as it still remains incredibly challenging to assess materials digitally.”

What are some of the common bedroom makeover mistakes we should avoid?

We always try to aim for a calm, restorative atmosphere that is both timeless and conducive to a good night’s sleep. Avoid bedding made from non-natural fibres such as polyester which doesn't breathe and is not good for your health. We always recommend 100% linen or cotton.”

Do you have any tips on how to get a good night's sleep?

“We don’t always practice what we preach but avoiding screens before bed is always a good idea. Most people sleep better with a cooler room temperature and of course, fresh natural fibre linens. We recommend dimmable lighting and/or a reading light that can be turned off without getting out of bed once you’ve wound down.”

What do you love about Sömn and why?

We love that Sömn is local. We like to have relationships with the vendors we recommend to our clients.”

One random interesting fact that we don't know about you?

“I worked as a florist throughout university. And I'm an identical twin.”

What kinds of projects are you looking forward to in 2021? 

We’ve just started work on a Regenerative Farm project that we're really excited about. We have some new and existing clients who are looking to build mountain or coastal vacation homes. In addition to new builds, we also have some heritage projects underway, including a townhouse development in the city.”


Don't forget to check out Sophie's work via SBD website. We hope you've enjoyed reading this designer interview! Let us know via if there're any new questions that you'd like to ask our designers in our future interviews, we'll do our best to include them!

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