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An Interior Designer’s View: Meet Peter from Peter Wilds Design

Peter's relationship with design began at an early age. At 12, "watching my mom sourcing and overseeing the decorating of the family home, sparked my curiosity and interest. Her accomplishments selling real estate and renovating subsequent homes set the stage for my path."

Today, Peter Wilds Designs' notable reputation is championed by the local clientele and backed by reputable national and international design publications. Peter's interior design work is people-centric, he states "It's always about people. We create personal spaces that honour each unique story and celebrate all who live and work there."

We're curious to find out more about this local (Vancouver based) interior design studio. Here's our interview with Peter from Peter Wilds Design.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background in becoming an interior designer?

I took a detour by studying performance at the University of British Columbia. Followed by several years acting with Canada’s leading theatre companies, as well as numerous roles in film, television and animation. Throughout this time, I pursued a self-directed study of art, furniture, design and architecture, while traveling extensively.

A change was needed and my passion for design was at the forefront, again. An eighteen-year journey began with running Caban's Vancouver flagship store, one of  North America’s first lifestyle concept stores. After two years I was invited to join the design department at The Cross Decor & Design. During the next seven and a half years, I had the opportunity to work with so many fantastic clients.”

How did Peter Wilds Design come about?

“My time at The Cross was amazing. I was given a tremendous amount of support and freedom to take the design department to another level. We completed several projects over the years. And many were featured in national and international publications, in print and online. Establishing my own firm felt like the next logical step. A mixture of terror and excitement propelled me to start Peter Wilds Design in 2011.

What describes Peter Wilds Design? 

“While focused in a contemporary context, the work is always traveling through time. Design and decorative details of the past are studied and sourced. I look for ways to blend these elements with innovative products by current leaders in design. My love for a mixture of the unexpected, playing with pattern, texture and unlikely pairings are always present. Antiques and treasured heirlooms are re-contextualized, living alongside modern objects. I believe in supporting local. Western Canada is home to so many talented furniture and lighting designers, artisans and craftspeople. Their work is present in all of my projects.”

One thing that inspires you to continue to design?

“Stories and trusted relationships are at the centre of every project. The process is always personal, reflecting and celebrating the people who call these spaces home. Listening to the nuanced ways in which people engage in their environment, along with their critical questions, concerns and wishes inform my design process. Honouring the evolving narrative of a client’s life story sets the stage. Engaging in and facilitating a genuine and transparent conversation with clients and highly skilled trades, drives my creative approach. Every aspect is collaborative.”

How do you think the pandemic has changed the way we live in our homes and use our spaces? 

“We are all spending so much more time in our homes now. So much more is happening there (work, school, exercise and refuge). If you have outside space, it provides relief and operates as a bridge to the community and necessary connection. We are asking so much more of our homes. And there is a greater need and desire for them to be visually pleasing and perform more efficiently.” 

What does the word "home" mean to you personally?

“Everything happens in our homes. We celebrate our victories, cope with our challenges and heal our wounds at home. In the years that I have done this work, I have witnessed so many wonderful and challenging events. Not to mention, going through my own adventures. Our homes need to be a place of safety, comfort, and beauty.

One random interesting fact that we don't know about you?

“Several years ago, I was in a cycling accident and fractured both my arms. I was out of commission for 12 weeks. It was a brutal and amazing three months. That's when I really began the shift and started to set things in motion to pursue design.”

What are your top 2 tips for making a bedroom look gorgeous? 

Throughout our lives, we spend so much time in bed. It needs to be an environment that looks and feels calming, restful and restorative. How natural and technical lighting plays out in a bedroom is critical. Being able to control light in a personal and preferred way really sets the stage for an inviting space and ultimately a good night’s sleep. How a bed feels is essential. The type of mattress, the scale and proportions frame, and the bedding against our skin is all personal details that contribute to the beauty of a room. In order for a bedroom to look gorgeous, it needs to feel amazing. 

What do you love about Sömn bedding and why?

“I love the relaxed and casual elegant vibe of Sömn. The muted and unique colour selection is so timeless and pleasing. Sömn bedding sets the stage for an inviting and peaceful bedroom environment.


Peter Wilds Design has several projects at various stages in the design process at present, they are working on numerous family homes, along with a hair salon that is set to open before this month. Stay connected through their website for coming projects!

Featured in Peter's Bed is a Sömn Charcoal Duvet Cover, Fitted Sheet and Cloud Grey Pillowcases in Queen Size.

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