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2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review 

It’s almost year-end. That means an opportunity to start fresh—new vibes, new opportunities, and new goals! As a team that offers a luxurious brand of sustainable bedding in Vancouver, we’re ready to set intentions for the New Year, and that means taking some time to reflect on the past. 

2021 was hardly business as usual, but it still brought a lot of opportunity and positivity as the world began to regain the equilibrium lost in 2020.  Let’s get started by jumping into our most memorable moments of 2021.

Somn’s Top Six of 2021

1) Fantastic collab energy

We were so grateful for the opportunity to discuss trends in fashion and sustainability with all kinds of Canadian designers, working in both the home interior and fashion sectors. These professionals have a fantastic sense of vision and are working to increase health and wellness through design that’s more beautiful, functional, and sustainable. Some interview highlights included Laila from harly jae,  Gaile from Gaile Guevera Studio, as well as Chad and Kelly from Falken Reynolds Interiors.

2) We embraced colour

2021 was fantastically diverse in terms of design for the home. The work-at-home trend inspired people to create intimate spaces imbued with colour, texture, and personality. In answer to this, last April we launched a limited collection of our sustainable luxury linen sheets in a range of poetic and complex hues, including peach, lemon, and mineral green, which became our best-selling colour of 2021 and will remain in our 2022 collection.

3) New partnerships began

We deepened existing partnerships and began new ones with exciting retailers across North America. Our partners cater to discerning clients who care deeply about craftsmanship and sustainability. By choosing to make our luxury sustainable linen bedding and towels part of their curated collections, they play a critical role in helping us in our mission to cut waste and bring the sustainable textile trend home.

4) We dared to be square

Creating beautiful West-Coast inspired designs has become something of a pattern at Sömn Home. This year, we followed through with two new prints—Kidney Bean Gingham (Desert Pink + Kidney Bean) and Buffalo Check (Off-white and Mineral Green). For anyone mad for plaid, these sleep styles are fun, fresh and full of holiday inspiration.

5) Our new Rewards Program launched

As part of our mission to enable earth-friendly consumers to become a regenerative force for the planet, we launched an exciting new Rewards Program that lets customers take advantage of loyalty discounts. Click the Earn Rewards tab on the left side of our home page to sign up. Then start earning points that can be applied towards discounts on all kinds of Sömn Home products!

6) We introduced impact reporting on our website

To prove we’re walking the talk, we’ve completed an environmental impact report on linen products sold to date. These numbers can be accessed on Sömn’s home page. Since launching our sustainable bedding collection, our community has helped to collectively reduce approximately 20,204 km of driving emissions, save 1,988,461 days of drinking water, and 1,896,689 hours of bulb energy. Yes Virginia, sustainability really makes  a difference.  We’ve even introduced a feature that lets you see the individual impact of your purchase on our checkout page.

Moving Forward in 2022
For all the challenges, 2021 brought tons of positivity. As a team, we’re extremely grateful to all of you who joined us on our journey to create a more sustainable future.

From beddings and towels to sponge cloths, we only create products made from earth-friendly materials. We even repurpose offcuts into napkins and kitchen towels to reduce textile wastes, and our upcycling collection is just going to keep growing as business expands.  At Sömn, we consider the entire lifecycle of every product, start to finish. For example, our wind-woven Eco Towels are traceable throughout the full manufacturing process. 

As we start 2022, we will be looking for ways to improve sourcing, product circularity, and supply chains. This is a big part of our ongoing mission to promote regenerative practices by working with the best low-impact producers and certified partners.

Happy New Year

We look forward to sharing more exciting news in 2022. There will be new challenges, new milestones, and, of course, beautiful new additions to our sustainable home textile collections. On behalf of the entire team at Sömn Home, we thank you for being part of our journal and wish you a Happy New Year filled with an abundance of joy, success, prosperity, and warm family-filled moments.

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