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Wellness Bathrooms to Live Your Best Life

From washing to well-being, bathrooms have undergone a sizeable shift in recent years. Big or small, the modern bathroom is a wellness-centric space driven by innovative technology, sustainable design, and cozy styling.

Home designers have responded with concepts to elevate quality of experience. The bathroom of 2023 isn’t just functional—it ticks all the boxes in terms of convenience, cleanliness, sustainability, and comfort, leveraging trends to create an oasis of well-being inside the home. What can we expect to see in 2024? Openness, continuity, and eco-friendly design are principles guiding the way.

More than ever, we see the concept of home being approached holistically. It’s not just about style consistency and beauty. The best design enhances and streamlines our lives. Decisions are guided by concepts like practicality, sustainability, and style to create wellness bathrooms that refresh body and spirit alike.

Reflective of home design, perhaps the most significant bathroom upgrade has arrived in the form of technology. Smart lights, locks, and thermostats effortlessly elevate day-to-day living, making home life more secure, economical, and sustainable. Similarly, technology has made its way into the bathroom, making our day-to-day routines more predictable and comfortable. From programming the tub to fill at a specific time to individualized profiles that control shower temperature, flow, and pressure, family members can customize their experience at the push of a button.

Predictably, hygiene continues to play a definitive role in bathroom design. Freestanding tubs, floor-level walk-in showers, and stone and glass surfaces that possess durability and sustainability are the building blocks of a modern, welcoming bathroom. 

However, the choice of material remains the decisive factor for well-being. There’s a growing demand for materials that are easy to care for and clean, a trend that came to the forefront during the pandemic. From counter surfaces to textiles like bath towels and window coverings, designers are looking toward antibacterial and moisture-resistant materials to create a warm, welcoming ambiance that exudes comfort. This trend is also being realized through more contact-free fixtures—toilets that flush with the wave of the hand, light sensors, and air purification systems. From fixtures to finishes, there’s a concentrated effort to create warm, gentle spaces that combine cleanliness with comfort and care.

In terms of the factors driving change, one of the greatest remains sustainability. As a team deeply invested in conscientiously crafted home textiles, including luxe bath towels, this is one we really get behind. 

Bathrooms today contain all kinds of systems designed to reduce water consumption without sacrificing comfort. The new high-tech faucets not only feature beautiful finishes, these multi-functional systems also let you choose between different water streams and pressure for a pleasing experience that allows you to consume consciously without sacrificing the comfort and pleasure that make bath time such an indulgent ritual.

Don’t be surprised to see furniture creeping into the bathroom—an armchair, stool, bench, or a small vanity elevates functional spaces, leveraging warm tones, natural materials, and sustainable design to transform the bathroom into a welcoming frontier of wellness. It’s the same philosophy that inspired our FALL Waffle Linen Towel collection, which will be arriving shortly. Soft and sturdy, quick-drying, and luxuriously sustainable, these towels are scrumptious to touch, crafted from sustainable fibres with antibacterial properties for a healthier, cleaner home.

The modern bathroom has undergone an incredible shift. Gone are the days of stark, purpose-driven design. Today’s bathroom is holistic and sustainable, filled with accessories and objects to elevate happiness and livability. 

How long will the wellness bathroom remain a trend? We think this one is going to be around for a while–into 2024 and well beyond. After all, the world isn’t slowing down, and we all deserve an oasis of calm where we can retreat, seek refuge, and spend a few minutes dedicated to our well-being. It’s no wonder the wellness bathroom has made such a splash.

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