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The Story of Sömn Sustainable Linens

100% Sustainable Linens by Sömn

Sustainable. High-quality. Comfortable. These are just some of the words our customers have used to describe the Sömn brand of 100% sustainable linens. But it didn’t all happen overnight. 

This is the story of how Sömn linens went from an idea to inside the homes of families around the world. 

Getting Sömn linen sheets into their store was not a quick process. It took two years of meticulous attention to sourcing, testing and details before the Sömn linens were ready for market. Our founders personally tested the linens for an entire year so they could honestly vouch for their product. For them, this was never an optional part of doing business. 

Sustainable linens from flax

They chose linens made from flax because it’s sustainable, natural, lustrous, flexible, and created a breathable fabric suitable for year-round use. The founders chose European flax from one of the world’s oldest flax growers to support the craft of linen. When you buy linens from Sömn, they are stone-washed so your first sleep is as soft as the next. 

They ensure that each sheet is made from their low-impact European producer packed with 100% true European linen. The thickness of each Sömn product is heavier weight than most household brands, offering full benefits of nature linen; the beauty of it all.

Quality is never compromised

Founders of Sömn, Fred and Julie are proud of the fact they never compromised on quality: 

    • They are seeing other household brands making false claims on their material quality and materials, so they vowed to describe their sustainable linens with honesty and integrity - European linens that are sowed, grown, spun, dyed, weaved and sewn in Europe is what makes Sömn Linen.
    • They've always made theirs the same weight, which has been heavier than their competitors' making Sömn Linen more lasting for year-round use.

Sömn Bedding Reviews

“We make our customers happy with 100% goodness,” said Julie. She loves being able to empower people around the world to look after themselves and their well-being in an ethical way.

We asked the owners what they have in store for us and the future of Sömn. She replied by saying that they will continue to “keep it real, keep it simple, make it fun, and get our voice heard.”

Fred and Julie are building a worthwhile venture with humanity and kindness at the forefront... and a good night's sleep on their sustainable linens can’t hurt either!

Sömn Bedding Sets Quality Designed And Made in Europe

To experience the quality linens that Fred and Julie took two years personally testing, pre-order your own set of Sömn sustainable linen sheets

We have put lots of thought into the design of our bedding sets. From sourcing to manufacturing to packaging and shipping to your home. We put our heart into each and every bedding set we sell. For more information about how to care for your linen bedding sets or how you can contact us, we’re here to answer your questions.


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