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Sustainable Linen Bedding: Moving Beyond Sustainable

At Sömn Home, we’re confidently comfortable in bed. As a boutique specializing in sustainable linen bedding, with linen sheets made from 100% pure flax, grown without any or much of herbicides or pesticides, we’ve made sustainable sheets a reality, but we recognize there’s room to do even better. To reach global environmental goals, we're working towards net positive impacts, net-zero energy, and net-zero waste.

Luxury Linen Bedding

Our suppliers are one of our biggest considerations. Choices made sourcing raw materials can impact ecosystem services in many ways. For example, are crops like flax and cotton contributing to soil depletion? Are the materials farmed responsibly, grown to the best environmental standards? Do they break down easily after being discarded?

Environmental devastation was once accepted as the de facto cost of human activity. It’s time to unlearn this. We have more options today. At Sömn Home, we carefully consider the products we create and whether they have net negative or positive impacts on ecosystems that support human wellbeing and the earth’s health.

Luxury Bath Towels

It IS possible to create products that are good for the environment. This is where terminology like net positive impacts and regenerative come into play.

Regenerative goes many steps beyond sustainability. Regenerative materials are ones whose growth/production improves the environment and strengthens local communities. Through techniques like long-term carbon sequestration, an empowered and well-paid workforce, improved soil health, and more, these products give back more than they take away. Our eco towels are made from organic cotton and bamboo fibers from regenerative farms.

Somn Home Eco Cotton Towels - Luxury Bath Towels

At Sömn Home, sustainability has been part of our brand right from the beginning. All our linens are LOW IMPACT and we’re working hard to expand our network of partner producers that are also
SMETA* and OEKO-TEX certified. 

As we strive toward endless circularity, we understand that new, virgin source materials still need to be created. However, we envision a regenerative future, where even the raw materials we need to create our products are grown using techniques that sequester carbon out of the air and into the soil, thereby actually improving the quality of both.

Regenerative agriculture is becoming increasingly popular. This type of agriculture (in comparison to industrial and intensive agriculture) focuses on building up topsoil, increasing biodiversity, and limiting water use. For some fantastic examples of regenerative agriculture, we recommend watching Biggest Little Farm for immediate inspiration.

Remember—the goods you buy can come from several sources, ranging from non-renewable (mined metals, sand, fossil fuels) to renewable but degenerative (corn, sugarcane) to potentially regenerative (trees, hemp, mushrooms, and agricultural waste).

We continue to explore and reassess our processes, looking for ways to create our home textiles from readily renewable materials produced using regenerative techniques. It's our mission to keep bringing you the very best home textiles as we move past sustainability to embrace a regenerative future.

*SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is an ethical audit methodology that encompasses all aspects of responsible business practice. 

OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

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