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Sustainable Linen Bedding Basics for Elevated Bedroom Style

Beautiful to rest and live in—Sömn’s sustainable linen bedding collection offers the luxurious elements to elevate the journey of a good night’s sleep

Ready to get your head in the clouds? At Sömn, we offer a sustainable bedding collection of heirloom-quality linen so soft and luxurious, there’s just no going back. For the wellness-obsessed ready to up their bedroom game, we’ve pulled together a list of our pretty-in-a-mess essentials for elevated style. 

The 101 of Designer Bedding

Our linen bedroom collection is sustainability inspired. We wanted to reduce the negative impacts of the textile industry on the environment and improve health and well-being around the home. All our easy-to-dress linens are sustainably sourced and finished poetic spectrum of colours, encouraging our clients to get playfully creative. Layer up colours, textures, and patterns for a self-reflective bedroom space that feels good to the spirit. It’s easier than you think because bedroom style mostly comes down to the artful assembly of a few basic pieces:

  • Duvet cover
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillowcases/Shams
  • Bedspread
  • Decorative Cushions (optional)
  • Bedding Skirt (optional)

Linen Duvet Cover

Every duvet needs a beautiful cover. As a shell, the cover protects the duvet while beautifying bedroom space. At Sömn, we crafted our duvet using 100% European linen. The stonewash finish adds to a perfectly imperfect look that’s soft to the touch. Crafted in Europe by skilled artisans who know how to work the fabric and enhance its remarkable properties–like breathability– our linen duvet cover is a natural fit for both hot and cold sleepers.

Linen Fitted Sheet

As the part of the bed that lives between your mattress and skin, fitted covers have to be tough yet soft. Ours are engineered with extra stretchy corners that stand up to frequent washing. As a considered touch, we factored two extra inches of depth to accommodate tall mattresses and toppers. As pure linen, Sömn sheets are hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, so they help regulate temperature. Use fresh from the dryer to enjoy a cottage-y vibe and stone-washed softness that just keeps getting better with age.

Linen Flat Sheet

For those who love being extra, a great flat sheet is anything but. We designed our flat sheet generously in a one-size option that fits king and queen mattresses. For added style, place the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet, leaving 12-18 extra inches at the top. Once the duvet is in place, fold back the extra fabric on top of the duvet for magazine-level impact that looks oh, Sömn inviting. Note - if the flat sheet contains a one-sided pattern, it should be face-down on the bed, so it is fully visible when folded back over the duvet.

Linen Pillowcases

In the bedding world, our pillow covers are a case-in-point for quality. We opted for envelope closures to keep scratchy zippers and tags away from sensitive skin. Stone-washed and preshrunk, they retain a comfortably relaxed fit, even after dozens of washes. Like our sheets, our linen pillowcases are hypoallergenic, making them great for allergy sufferers with added anti-bacterial benefits for the skin and hair. We recommend coordinating colours with sheets and positioning pillows in front of king-sized pillows in a different shade for added depth and a pop of colour.

Linen Bedspread 

Adding a folded bedspread across the foot of a bed to elevate bedding style in seconds. Our soft and airy premium linen bedspread is Italian-made, spun from the finest 100% long-staple European flax. On sweaty summer nights, it’s easy to kick off the duvet and fall asleep curled up with this light and airy sleep mate.

Decorative Cushions / Throw Pillows

The crème-del-lar crème of the bedding world, a few whimsical cushions add a touch of decadence. Just remember, less is more. Limit the arrangement to no more than three and one or two shapes--either square, rectangular, or round. Try a bold pattern for contrast or keep it light and sophisticated by going a shade lighter or darker than the duvet.

Bedding Skirt

Some legs (and box springs)  were meant to be shown off. When that’s not the case, a bedding skirt is an elegant solution. Pull a colour from the linens–and don’t be afraid to play with styles. Skirt styles today can be tailored, layered, lacy, ruffled, pleated, and fringed. Conceal clutter under the bed for a tidier, more pristine sleep space.

Awe-Sömn Bedroom Inspiration

The right pieces make it possible to pull together an inspired sleep style in a minute or two. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  For minimalists, sleep style might mean a room full of soothing neutrals—Off-White, Cloud Grey, or even Charcoal. Colourful personalities can indulge in bold bedding hues like Wisteria, Mineral Green, Blossom, Peach, Lemon, and even shades of Kidney Bean. Don't be afraid to experiment and create a just-for-you space where cares and worries do not disturb.

For more ideas on creating a statement bedroom using our sustainable bedding collection, make an appointment to visit our showroom at 28 Water Street. Our stylists will be pleased to provide tips and even more examples of how Sömn linens help clients live their best life without ever compromising ethics, comfort, or environment. 

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