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Make Bath Time Wellness Time - Luxury Japanese Bath Towels

Luxury Bath Towels Made in Japan

As a wellness company that makes game-changing eco-friendly cotton and bamboo towels, we at Sömn Home see bath time as an opportunity to clean up the mind, as well as the body.

A little self-care soak is a great way to wrap up the day. By introducing mindfulness or meditation practice into your routine, you can gain some perspective and learn how to appreciate what’s happening in your life. Bathing in hot water slows the parasympathetic nervous system making it easier to breathe deeply. For chronic worriers, this can create a wonderful opportunity to shed troubles and gain some much-needed perspective. 

1. Make Space for Your Ritual

Consider what you want to think about during your time. Like setting an intention before a yoga class, you are designating an uninterrupted time to think, which creates a headway for progress. Do you want to focus on the physical sensations of the bath? Sounds? Come up with an intent before entering the water.

2. Prep for the Experience

A mindful bathing experience takes place in a calming environment conducive to mediation. Pay attention to what’s around you. Sight, sound, smell, touch—keep the senses in mind while prepping. You want to try and engage the senses. Remove distracting clutter. Create a bathroom that’s soothing and clean. Candles, music, and essential oils, (even a small snack) are all optional. 

3. Run the Bath

This is the time to focus on sense stimulation—the swish of the water, the scent of the shampoo. Add elements beneficial to your intent. For example, if relaxation is your goal, essential oils can enhance circulation and breathing. Don’t forget your post-bath wrap-up. Our eco towel collection consists of two products—the ultra-Plush Eco Cotton Towel and the silky-smooth Eco Cotton Bamboo Towel. Made in Japan, these towels are crafted from environmentally friendly, all-natural fibers, and a wonderfully sumptuous way to cap your bathing ritual

4. Immerse Yourself

Once you’ve entered the bath, try to stay focussed on the here and now. You may try a simple breathwork technique like 4-7-8: inhale through your nose for a count of four, hold for a count of 7, and exhale, completely emptying your lungs for a count of 8. Look at your environment as if seeing it for the first time. Be curious and open to each moment as it arises. Your goal is to be present, without judgments, goals, or stress.

5. Wrap it Up

Limit your bath time to about 20 minutes to avoid drying out your skin. Pay attention to the sensation of the towel as you’re drying off and your post-bath rituals—applying cream, getting dressed, drying your hair. The goal is a nice, even way to transition back  to reality, without undoing all the benefits of your relaxation.

6. Practice Anywhere

We understand. Bathing is a luxury. Not everyone has time every day. The good news is that you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can practice mindfulness at anywhere. Try it while brushing your teeth or savouring lunch. Making mindfulness a daily habit can lead to greater satisfaction, empathy, and reduce absent-mindedness and feelings of depression. Think of mindfulness as a muscle—the more you use it, the better it will work.

Sömn Home makes wellness obsessed textiles for the home. Bedroom to bathroom, our linens and eco-friendly towels are gentle on your body—and the planet!

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