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Introducing Premium Loungewear Imbued with Natural Charm

A new capsule collection of premium summer sleep and loungewear has launched at Sömn Home. As part of our summer catalogue, this stunning unisex loungewear combines environmental awareness, minimalism, and exceptional value with construction of such high quality you can even jump on the Gen-Z bandwagon and wear it comfortably outside the home. 

We envisioned our new collection as one that would be body positive and gender-neutral, with pieces that look and feel great. Sizing caters to heights from 5'0 to 6'5, and every garment is constructed from a 100% premium sustainable linen fabric, then sewn in Canada. Our linen drapes elegantly, lovingly embracing all body types. Like all Sömn textiles, this loungewear is produced in line with our values, using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and natural materials, finished with delightful details like handsome coconut buttons on our button-down style shirts and shorts boasting comfy elastic waists and generous back and side pockets.

The 2023 collection is currently available in two inspired palettes—Lake Blue and Fog. Rather than bright, bold colours, we opted for earthy tones reflective of the colours in nature. Made to refresh and cool the mind, these soothing hues invoke images of misty fog tendrils and streams of cool, flowing water under verdant trees that beckon onlookers to stop, breathe deeply and recharge. 

To make our premium loungewear as inclusive as possible, we priced all pieces individually. Customers have the freedom to mix and match, selecting the sizes that work best for their bodies and comfort zones. 

As a part of our expanding sustainable sleepwear collection, these Canadian made designs take a queue from contemporary fashion. Soft, flowing silhouettes allow the body to breathe and move freely. Like all our linen garments, every piece contains a beautiful grain and weave that exudes authenticity for a classic beauty that's never overdone.

Like so many in 2023, this new collection reflects our headspace. We are concentrating on the important things as the world regains equilibrium after the coronavirus pandemic. Designed to feel like a cozy retreat, our collection starkly contrasts mass-produced items made crudely and cheaply at unspeakable costs to the planet. Instead, these garments reflect a philosophy of well-being as the new luxury. It's an idea we've upheld through ethically sourced, small-batch production that always puts people and the planet first.

As we look ahead to create a more sustainable future, we will continue to introduce pieces that are investments in well-being and the preservation of our planet. As a trend, embracing natural luxury will continue to pick up speed and momentum in 2024. We are proud to introduce our new premium loungewear as the next step in sustainable luxury at Sömn Home.

We hope you love it.

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