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Fall Season Transition - A Colour Guide by Sömn Home

⁠Do you think we’ll be doing more to our homes this Fall?

As we ease into the Fall season, there is a sense of renewed energy and a desire to revive our surroundings, shake up our processes and look forward to the cooler months ahead. ⁠

To help you through the seasonal transition we have created a Colour Guide that will transform any bedroom into a fun and personalized Fall/Winter look.

That said—with "timelessness" in mind—our colours are meant for all seasons, to prolong the usability of your Sömn pieces as trends and weather shift.


There are many ways to pair Sömn colours. For ease of use and understanding, here, we have grouped them into Colour Pairings that are broken down into 4 different categories:

1. Tone on Tone - for those who prefer a seamless colour blend variations
2. Pastel - for those who prefer muted medium saturation colours
3. Cold Contrast - for those who prefer cooler contrasting colours
4. Warm Contrast - for those who prefer warmer contrasting colours

To begin your pairing, choose an example from above (or create your own), then sort your colours into Priority Components:

1. Primary - the most dominant colour of your colour selection
2. Secondary - the second most dominant colour of your colour selection
3. Accent (optional) - the accentuating colour of your colour selection; most often the least dominant colour of your colour selection

At this stage you can choose to work with a pairing of 2 to 3 colours, making them a Dual Colour Pairing or a Tri Colour Pairing.

Examples are shown below:

From here, you can continue to add more colours and items to your pairing. The example below introduces a secondary accent colour and an option to add products.

To give you an idea, in 2021, over 30% of our customers added an additional set of pillowcases to their basket, and 20% included a flat sheet with their bedding purchase. The added items offered the opportunity to create more versatility in styling and increased the usability of bedding pieces. Other benefits included saving time, energy, and money from washing and care.

Here is another example of Multiple Colour Pairing with two accent colours, or in other words, a Mix and Match Set.

We hope this has been useful to you in creating your own colour palette for your Sömn bedding. Of course, we will be happy to answer more questions relating to colour choices or selecting your Sömn Bedding and Towels. We can be reached at the contact us page.

Make sure to share your colour pairings and tag us by using @somn_home #somnhome on Instagram.

Below is a reference of our current colours, have fun, make it yours, it's your bed after all!


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