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Earth Day at Sömn Home - Restore Our Planet by Choosing Earth-Friendly Bedding

Today is our favourite day of the year, a day when so many across the globe take action to support environmental progress.

The past year has brought so much disruption, uncertainty, and tragedy. For many people and businesses, covid-19 pulled some attention away from environmental efforts as we sought to keep our families, loved ones and colleagues healthy and safe. Perhaps Earth Day can bring us much-needed hope and a renewed commitment to the environment, even if this focus has faltered in the past year. Through that lens, we at Sömn Home are particularly excited about this year’s theme of Earth Day - Restore Our Planet, which really is a call for action and optimism.

As a Sustainable Beddings & Towels company, one of our visions is to enable earth-friendly consumers to become a regenerative collective force for the planet. We understand that everything has a starting point and as small as our contribution may seem now, together we can make a difference.

Given the occasion, we are deep in the trenches of determining how we can lower our negative impact as much as possible. And always working towards a future in which our goods actually help improve the planet - by driving a more circular economy and establishing regenerative practices of materials production.

We invite you to take a look at some of the environmental efforts we’ve taken so far:

  1. From beddings and towels to sponge cloths, we only source products made from natural biodegradable materials to defend against consumer waste pollution. 
  2. We consider the entire lifecycle of a product with an emphasis on agricultural pollution. A perfect example would be our wind woven Eco Towels with commitments to full traceability through the whole manufacturing process.
  3. We seek out improvements to our sourcing and supply chain - with a mission to establish regenerative practices of materials produced by choosing to work with reputable/low-impact producers and certified partners.
  4. We evaluate new materials and cut out solutions that don’t meet our planet-friendly standards even if that means lost customers and market share.
  5. We design for minimal waste by making sure our productions are set up so that every inch of material produced is utilized as much as possible - majority of our linen remnants are collected and repurposed into kitchen towels, napkins, or swatches or used for sampling.
  6. We invest in carbon offsets. Sömn's carbon offset contributions are supporting forest protection initiatives that are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest. 
  7. We use eco-friendly shipping packaging, down to our tissues, tapes, stickers and stuffing, all made from recycled, recyclable, sustainable or biodegradable materials keeping in mind to optimize end-of-life scenarios of all materials used.

We cannot achieve our mission without a well-researched sustainability methodology that drives our decisions and innovation on what bedding solutions to offer, which partners to work with, and what new home textile offerings to develop. 

We also know consumers like you are trying to make thoughtful decisions and may need support navigating the world of eco phrases -- sustainable, natural, toxin-free, green, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, zero waste, synthetic-free and more.

We hope that after you read this, you’ll come away with an understanding of how carefully we’ve developed our product lines - what we at Sömn mean by "sustainable beddings & towels", why we’ve made the choices we have, and the future we are working towards. And hope to have inspired you to continue making your home as eco-friendly as possible.

Wishing you all a Happy Earth Day!

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