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Don't just take our word for it - Meet Lee from Style Bee

This March we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Lee Vosburgh, creator and designer of Style Bee. Lee explores personal style and takes closet curation and simple living to another level. Style Bee was founded in Ontario, Canada, today, the online platform has become one of the much-loved style inspiration hubs.

One of Style Bee’s original closet missions was to find a way to define her personal style whilst spending less time, effort, and money on clothes. Lee wanted to feel good with less and to be thoughtful about every piece she adds to her wardrobe. 

Style Bee’s closet toolkit, one of our favourite resources on her site, offers practical tips on streamlining the process of shopping, closet editing and personal styling. For those who are looking to get into minimal fashion or in search for value-based shopping ideas we recommend you check “the bee” out!

In the last few months, Lee has taken a good chunk of her time from her busy (bee) schedule to help test-drive our luxury linen beddings and eco cotton towelsShe has put together a detailed product review, and a comparison write-up on how our bedding compares to Flax Sleep, as well as sharing her personal experience on Sömn's organic cotton bath towels

We've really enjoyed working with Style Bee, and hope Lee's firsthand experience will help you find the right pieces for your bed or your home!

What is Style Bee? Who is your audience?

"Style Bee is a website I created in 2013 when I was craving a creative outlet to explore my love for fashion. Since then it has become a hub for people from all over the globe, who are looking for thoughtful style inspiration."

How did Style Bee come to be?

"Style Bee started as a fun side project and space where I could share outfits but has since evolved into more of a guide for folks looking to simplify their style and consumption" 

What impact do you hope Style Bee can make in the wider world? 

"I hope Style Bee can show the world that it’s okay to slow down and to invest in creating a style and life you love and that taking a different path is possible."

We see a lineup of brand partnerships on your platforms. How do you use them to champion Canadian businesses while still being focused on your mission and success?

"It requires a lot of thought and balance for sure. My brand partners are always very carefully selected so that I can ensure I’m introducing my audience to businesses that are doing something unique and worthy of support. When I’ve found that a brand’s products have improved my life, I love to spread the word, especially when they’re a Canadian option."

Has the way you shop changed since starting Style Bee?

"Definitely. When I started Style Bee I was a textbook over-consumer. My approach to shopping was trend-based and short-term. Now I’m rarely enticed by anything trendy and focus on the timelessness and longevity of everything I add to my life.

What are you most proud of "doing what you do"?

"When I hear from readers that a recommendation or an idea I’ve shared has brought positive change into their lives, my heart sings a little song for sure."

What does the word “sustainability” mean to you?

"For me, it means thinking long-term about everything I bring into my life and asking, can I see this item in my life 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now?”

How do Sömn pieces fit into your home? 

"I’m a homebody to the core (and a Taurus on top of that!) so investing in my home and space has always been important to me. Realizing that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, high quality bedding is something that I know I’ll get a great deal of use out of. Beautiful sustainable bath towels are a new luxury to me and they’ve completely changed my skincare and bathroom experience. I can’t believe I went so long with towels I knew were no good!"

From your firsthand experience, how would you describe Sömn bedding and towels to someone who is looking to shop for them?

"They’re the perfect example of functional elegance. They’ve been made to be felt, used, enjoyed, and to elevate the daily experiences we may otherwise overlook. When you slip into a bed of fresh SOMN linens you’re investing in a great sleep and, in turn, your best self. When you wrap yourself in a SOMN towel or pat your face dry after washing the day away, you’re giving yourself a well deserved moment of softness and kindness. These are goods that support you on a path to living your best life."

What's another thing you love to do outside Style Bee?

"Spending time in nature and the outdoors is a critical part of my downtime and mental health practice. I’ve had the immense privilege of living near a river and lots of beautiful natural space for many years and time outdoors with my dog and my partner is one of the greatest joys in my life."


Photos by: Style Bee

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