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Designer Conversation With La Bomba Founder Marta Sanderson

Inspiration Blooms With La Bomba

“Forever unique, but not overstated,” is how Marta Sanderson describes her style. As a passionate lover of plants and a believer in self-care, the Australian-born floristry designer took the first steps toward living her creative passion almost 15 years ago, when the industry was undergoing a renaissance.  

“Flowers make us stop and take a moment. Even if it’s just seconds to check the opening of a bud or the beauty in its decay. It’s in these moments that we stop to appreciate how nature brings a sense of calm to our often-chaotic lives."

La Bomba began as a side hustle while Marta was still freelancing as a producer. She would create arrangements for weekend weddings. However, it wasn’t long before her exceptional sense of style and palette mixing earned her a reputation for challenging the traditional notion of flower arrangements and our interactions with them. As Marta prepares to launch a new retail shop in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown district, we caught up to discuss how she’s using colour and design to break the rules and create her own floral style—something we deeply appreciate.

What inspired you to start La Bomba?

“I’ve always been a creative type, originally finding myself in a non-creative career in production for music videos, fashion film, TV commercials, and branded content. I was surrounded by people living out their creative passion, and I just needed to find my medium. 

When floristry began reinventing itself 15 years ago, I realized this could be an actual career. I dove into books, tried to get some first-hand experience interning with other florists as well as took an Ikebana class whilst travelling in Tokyo, which kickstarted the full-blown career pursuit. I was obsessed.”

How is La Bomba different from other floral designers? 

“You’ll always find something unusual and unique about its composition or palette. Often there’s a surprise you weren’t expecting.”

Can you describe your creative process?

“Can browsing the internet be a hobby? I’m such a visual person. I take in everything around me. Spring and summer here in Vancouver are huge inspirations to me. When I walk past people’s gardens, I often see colour pairings that excite me. Art galleries and clothing stores are also great ways to see new and exciting colour combos—and a fantastic way to stay relevant about what is going on in fashion and interior design! 

I most definitely move with the seasons, but you won’t find me picking the usual flowers—it will always be the weird cousin, something with a bit of flair. It’s the way I dress, and it’s the way I design. Always a bit different.”

What do you love most about what you do?

“It’s all about people and the emotions created from viewing the flowers. I experience these reactions, too--but getting firsthand feedback has to be the most rewarding part. I love being part of the sentiment, whether it’s someone’s big day, a gift of love and friendship, or interpreting a space someone has designed. Flowers are the best material for this.”

What advice do you have for creating a La Bomba vibe at home?

“Keep it colourful. I like to dot several vases around the house, each a distinct shape with its own type of flowers. These create noticeable gestures of colour and movement as you move through your space. I rarely have floral arrangements in my home, except for special occasions. When I do, I display them centrally in spaces, like at a dining table. 

What do you love the most about Somn’s linen bedding and why?⁠⁠⁠

The softness on your skin. They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. They get softer the more you use them, and I like the crinkly look.”

Do you have any tips on styling linen bedding for the home?

“Have I mentioned my love of colour yet? I like to mix colours to keep things bright and cheery. You can still have a relaxing space, but I find combining colours—for example, yellow paired with a soft green—are cheery and calming. Keep the bedding soft, not pulled too tightly.”

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

“I’m excited to create a retail space where people can come in and view our work. It’s such a visual medium, far beyond any image on Instagram. I’m also looking forward to meeting neighbours in the community.”

What is one message you would give to this world?

“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Thank you, Marta, for sharing your insightful approach to colour and style. We are super grateful for this opportunity and wish you luck in your exciting new retail venture. We know everyone will find your work iris-istible.

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