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Create Warmth and Comfort with a Fall Inspired Bed

A crisp tang in the air heralds the arrival of fall at our Vancouver headquarters. From creamy lattes to cute boots, this season is a favourite. When it comes to style, seasonal looks are nothing new, and the same holds true for home design. Working with colour, shape, texture, and even fragrance makes it easy to create a cozy, hygge-inspired feeling in the bedroom.

How we present our homes is an extension of our personalities. Whatever the final expression, inspiration is often derived from similar sources–one of the greatest being the natural world. In the fall, the cool, early evenings and chillier days queue a transition towards a more dramatic palette that reflects the darkening skies and abundance of the harvest season. There's an unspoken compulsion to make our spaces more inviting and comfortable. 

In the bedroom, working in layers is critical to creating the coziness and warmth the season demands. The idea is to generate stratums we can creep between and cocoon ourselves in comfort.

As sleep savants, one of the quickest, most practical ways to invoke fall style in the bedroom is to switch out your duvet insert. The temperature change means light linens won't cut it. Instead, consider an option like our Luxury Down Duvet. Filled with by-product Polish white goose down from free-range animals, this airy medium-weight duvet is a delight to burrow under and makes good nights even better by delivering a breathable warmth.

Like the duvet, sheets play a role—but it's not just about the material. Elements like colour and weave are equally significant. Lean into shades of the Earth, like our latest in Kidney Bean, Charcoal, and Ocean Teal. Adding a Flat Sheet subtly alters the room's appearance by bringing an extra layer of coziness to the bed. At Sömn, our 100% linen sheets are woven from medium-weight Baltic hemp. Crafted in Europe, our artisans achieve a soft and breathable weave. When combined with linen's natural temperature-regulating qualities, our bedding sets work equally well for warm and cool sleepers, providing the perfect backdrop for deep and dreamy comfort. Browse our linen bedding sets to take advantage of bundle discounts.

To complete your fall-inspired look, sham cushions and blankets are trends tough to beat. Cushions vary from stylish squares to fashionable bolsters with richly textured designs and patterns that effortlessly imbue spaces with wabi-sabi style. One of our favourites is the district Brown Bolster Pillow, which captures the earthy spirit of the season. Crafted in a thick linen fabric and striking grid pattern, it adds depth and interest to the bed. It also makes a great leg pillow thanks to the feather insert that supports a warm and luxurious appearance. Accent with Waffle Toss Cushions piled high for the desired effect. Finish with something soft and fluffy at the foot of the bed. The Mira Throw Blanket makes a great accent and effortlessly transitions into a lap lounger for reading or relaxation.

Ultimately, home style reflects our values and how we want to live. However, we increasingly see megatrends like sustainability and biophilia (the love of living things) guiding design. Solid colours and artisan-like textures are creeping back in the form of stylish decorative elements that make it easy to introduce quick style shifts with mini updates—think cushions, sheets, throws, vases, pictures and rugs.

At Sömn, we're proud to offer an eco-friendly home collection that reflects our deeply-held affection for natural luxury. With mindfully designed and produced pieces that start with ethical sourcing, it's a beautiful collection meant to fulfill the desire to create comfort and hominess within our own four walls, whatever the season. 


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