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Buying Guide: Thread Count vs. Weight

We often look to the ever-increasing thread count to determine bedding sheets’ quality and softness. However, despite the appealing high-count numbers, it’s important to point out that the thread quality is more important than the quantity. 

What is thread count?

Thread count is a measure of how many threads are in one square inch of fabric, where the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads interlace. The measure of count does matter to a certain degree.

It’s the extremely high thread count numbers you need to look out for —a 1,000 thread count sheet is not exceptionally better than a 350 thread count. What happens is that during cotton sheets production, some manufacturers will twist multiple thinner yarns together to inflate the weft in order to achieve a higher thread count. While this indeed increases the thread count, the fabric instead becomes heavier, coarser, and more prone to rips, snags, and pilling.

Thread counts on different fabrics, bedding buying guide by Sömn

What is the thread count for Sömn organic cotton sheets?

Thread count also measures fabric density —too high means there’s less air circulating, resulting in a warmer sleep. For Sömn Organic Cotton collection, we’ve consciously selected to work with a 350 thread count for its densely packed yarns that give its breathable silkiness for a smoother and heavier drape than plain-weave cotton.

What about the weight?

The weight of a fabric is measured in GSM, also known as grams per square metre. The higher the GSM number, the denser the fabric will be. Generally, lightweight fabric is between 30-150gsm, medium weight is 150-350gsm, and heavyweight will measure gsm of 350+.

Knowing this value can be helpful when deciding on the best weight of linen bedding to buy. A heavier linen is more luxurious and provides outstanding durability to withstand the effects of laundering and daily use.

What is the weight of Sömn linen bed sheets?

Our Sömn linen bedding sits at an ideal 175gsm, a supreme weight that delivers a delicate balance of softness and crispness for that breathable comfort in getting the most restful sleep.


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