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An Interior Designer’s View: Meet Meaghan from Studio Hemma

Founder and Creative Director, Meaghan Jones, of Studio Hemma brings an eye for detail to every project. Each interior design work she takes on is considered with passion and attention. Her relaxed yet refined aesthetic is smart and pragmatic. One by one, her design stories are put together to elevate her clients' lifestyles and to empower them to live a happier life.


How it all began:

“Out of necessity! I was finishing my Maternity leave and decided not to return to my job and instead to set out on my own. I had an Instagram account under a different name that I used for personal design inspiration and transitioned it into what it is now as Studio Hemma.”

The Studio Hemma method:

“I really like to deep dive into what makes my clients unique. I get the appeal of the bright, all white, minimal aesthetic but then I think, “where’s the quirk?” 

Every person has an element or feature that makes their home uniquely theirs. It gives me so much satisfaction to help my clients discover that in themselves. Seeing the true happiness and joy on their face when they see how perfect that one “weird” idea really is helps me know I’ve done my job right.”

Personality of Studio Hemma:

“I strive for the hygge (the dutch word for “fun”) lifestyle but how I do that is constantly evolving with each client I work with. I used to be wary of colour and used it sparingly but in the last few years I’ve really embraced colour for my clients and have started using it full on. I still stick to more earthy, saturated hues but I’m definitely seeing a shift and I’m inspired by the depth the right colour palette can bring.”

What “home” means to Meaghan:

“Hemma actually means “at home” and I chose it as my business name because I find the feeling of home to be at the center interior design. Coming home should evoke feelings of family, security, and comfort. A space built on that foundation opens you up to find creativity, solace, and joy. Life can be hard and coming home should be the antidote.”

How Studio Hemma helps to meet the needs of her clients during the physical distancing time:

“So many plans were turned upside down when this all started (mine included) so being able to pivot and redirect is key. Thankfully, interior design can be done virtually so I’ve launched a new Virtual Design service for my clients. This service provides the same full service design as you would normally get when working with me, as well as two smaller packages that are more honed, bite-sized services so there is a little something for everyone.”

Meaghan’s family life under the "Stay Home" mode:

“We’ve been self-isolating since mid-March so it’s been full of ups and downs – like everyone I’m sure. There have been many routine changes, my son is used to being out in the woods for hours each day, but we’ve been learning to adapt and support each other. I’ve been taking extra time in the morning before “going to work” or “coming home early” to get a play date in before bedtime.”

Meaghan’s designer tips on how to style a bedroom using existing pieces at home:

“Shopping from within your home is so much fun! For a bedroom, it can be as simple as switching out the artwork above your bed and bringing in a cozy throw from your family room to add another layer to your bedding. Both will bring a hit of new colour and texture that will make the room feel fresh.”

Advise on keeping our homes looking good with young kids around during the pandemic:

“Trick question! All I can suggest is to embrace the use of bins, baskets or boxes for stashing toys and craft supplies and give yourself a break – a little mess is ok. If you can learn to enjoy it as a sign of the memories you’re making, being stuck inside it’ll feel less like a mess and more like fun. Or so I tell myself…!”

Sömn pieces in Meaghan’s bedroom:

“I like to mix and match the fabrics in my room. Currently, my Sömn pieces are from their Linen Collection. My duvet is in Cloud Grey, my fitted sheet is in Off White, and my sleeping pillowcases are in Natural. With a neutral base it’s easy to mix in colours, patterns or textures through extra pillows or throws to suit your mood – or the weather.”

Meaghan's love for Sömn bedding:

“I truly love how cool and light the Sömn linens are. It’s like sleeping in a cloud! Honestly, I’m so happy with the quality, I’m recommending them to all my clients.”


Meaghan is looking to connect with anyone who wants to craft a space with intention. She believes there is a time for a quick bit of update, but the most fulfilling projects are when clients trust her to get her hands dirty and create something special to them. 

We’d like to thank Meaghan at Studio Hemma for these great design tips and for sharing her story with us.

Photos by: Studio Hemma

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